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Laura Innes About Elizabeth

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ER_still_Elizabeth_Mitchell.jpgQ: That’s humanity. It’s nice to see it perfect on screen but it’s messy for all of us. You were first paired with actress Elizabeth Mitchell (Dr. Kim Legaspi) who had played another high-profiled lesbian in GIA as Angelina Jolie’s lover. For lesbians watching the show, we were all very aware of who ‘Kim’ was or who she had the potential to be. What can you tell me about working with Elizabeth Mitchell?
A: It was great working with Elizabeth. She is an absolutely wonderful actress and gorgeous and I thought, well, Weaver would NEVER get her! [laughing] I thought, my god [laughing] but it’s a TV show [laughing].

Q: Why?!!?!
A: I don’t know. She’s just soooo beautiful and tall and perfect and out!

Q: You are underestimating the draw of the feisty redhead to us blondes.
A: [laughing] Well, actually it helped my storyline because I felt like a kid when I was with her, which I thought was appropriate. I kept feeling … (like) this is like Junior High … because (Kerry) doesn’t know what she is doing. This is new. And with Elizabeth, who was so perfect. There was actually another actress cast in that part initially and she was a very good actress, but I went to the producers and I said this woman is very talented and attractive but I don’t think she is going to supply the appeal that I really think is important. Because my whole deal is bring people on board. Get people into this. And Elizabeth is so charismatic. So it was great. She was a joy to work with.


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Small Interview

mab1.jpgPart of “Old Info And News”

SWAPPED: Her role as Dr Kim Legaspi in ER for the role of Cyd.

DOUBLE-ACT: Her partner Gary Bakewell plays her estranged husband, Jim, in Man and Boy.

HOOKED ON ACCENTS:  She says she fell in love with Ioan’s Welsh voice though the Scottish accent is her favourite.

ON THE BEEB: “I’ve wanted to work for the BBC since I was ten and I have all the BBC channels in Los Angeles.”

They had a small photo of her in the gorgeous green chinese dress she wears to dinner in the programme.

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Gary Bakewell About Elizabeth

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28229.jpgSHE LOVES ME, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH
City’s Paul McCartney actor falls for Linda lookalike

Europe Intelligence Wire

ABERDEEN’S Paul McCartney lookalike has fallen in love with a Linda McCartney-double. It was love at first sight for actor Gary Bakewell and American beauty Elizabeth Mitchell on the set of the made-for-TV movie, The Linda McCartney story.
“I wasn’t sure about working with this tall, blonde all-American girl, but when we met on the movie set, we clicked straight away,” says Gary, 32.
“She is absolutely lovely and charming,” admits the love-struck actor who once worked as an Evening Express paper boy.
“Elizabeth has a pretty tight filming schedule, but I intend bringing her to Aberdeen to meet the folks next month. We haven’t had time to think about wedding plans as yet, although we bought a flat in north London this week.” News of Gary and Elizabeth’s life-imitating-art romance has, until now, been a closely-guarded secret from everyone but their families and a few close friends.

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