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Breakthrough actors who may attract HFPA votes: Elizabeth Mitchell

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Golden Globe StatueA snapshot of thesps who had noteworthy perfs this year

Elizabeth Mitchell, ‘Lost’
The Others are a creepy bunch, no doubt, but Mitchell’s so sly, so deliciously deceptive, we’re not quite sure what to believe anymore. Is she really trying to help Jack by convincing him to off Michael Emerson in a purposely botched spinal surgery, or was that part of the master plan all along? Only the writers know, but with “Lost” characters having shorter lifespans all the time, it would be nice if Mitchell stayed around for a while.


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Review | ‘Lost’ Has Puzzling Season Premiere

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpg“Lost” settled a few questions _ sort of _ while posing many more on the premiere of its third season Wednesday. While the ABC mystical adventure series focused on three members (Jack, Kate and Sawyer) of the stranded community, the rest of the group (many unaccounted for after last season’s finale) were unseen and unaddressed during the hour.

The episode began at the compound of the Others _ a normal-looking collection of homes in a clearing in the middle of the jungle. During a book club meeting, of all things, the participants experienced what seemed to be an earthquake and then watched Oceanic flight 815 descend overhead with a thunderous roar. The plane broke up before crashing elsewhere on the mysterious island. It was a flashback to the pivotal event that had launched the series.

Back to the present: After being taken prisoner in the last episode, Jack (Matthew Fox), Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) awoke separately, each in a different type of captivity.

Kate was taken to a meeting with the Other who had gone by the name of Henry Gale (Michael Emerson). He handcuffed her but also served her a nice breakfast.

“Kate, the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant,” he said evenly.

Meanwhile, a young man held captive across from Sawyer managed to pick his own lock, then open Sawyer’s cell. As an alarm announced “Subject Escaped,” Sawyer took off. He was quickly recaptured.

A lovely member of the Others (new cast member Elizabeth Mitchell) approached Jack in his cell. Growing more and more agitated, Jack sparred with the calm, comforting Juliet.

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Ausiello Spoilers | Great Comment About Elizabeth

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgQuestion: What can you tell us about where the Others are living? And where are Kate, Jack and Sawyer being held captive? I s it predictable? Astounding? Give us something, please!— Mike B.

Ausiello: First off, nothing about the episode is predictable, particularly where the Others are concerned. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say your perception of the creepy outcasts will be completely shattered within the first five minutes. I should also point out that one of the show’s three newbies is featured very prominently tonight, and let’s just say this rookie made an extremely favorable impression on me. (Best. Casting. Decision. Ever.) And as I mentioned in AR, a grilled cheese sandwich also gets a good deal of airtime, as does a very familiar-looking dude named Ben. Oh, and one more thing: we get introduced to the island’s first openly gay character. At least I’m 95 percent sure we do. Keep your ears attuned (and turn your gaydar on) right around the time Kate steps foot in the shower. That’s when the telltale clue gets dropped.

Source: TV Guide

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USA Today Review | Interview with Cuse And Fox About Juliet

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgBut the love triangle that launched almost right from the series debut soon will crumble when Kate chooses between Sawyer and Jack, and Jack meets the mysterious Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Like so much on Lost, the newcomer’s name is no coincidence. Shakespeare’s Juliet, one of literature’s greatest romantic figures, fell in love with a handsome member of an opposing clan.

Already conceptualizing a long run for Juliet, Cuse says, “It will be really compelling when we get her first flashback story and find out who she was off the island.”

Though Fox acknowledges Jack still has feelings for both Kate (“on some deep level”) and ex-wife Sarah (“you’ll see that unresolved stuff with Sarah put to bed”), he is looking forward to seeing whether Jack and Juliet evolve into a great love story.

“The circumstances in which these two people meet are far from romantic,” he says. “But what she brings into Jack’s world creates an interesting vibration.”

USA Today

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Lost 3×01 Review by Ausiello

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgI just finished watching the most anticipated 43 minutes of the TV season (aka Wednesday’s Lost premiere) and I’m virtually speechless. From the fraktastic opening sequence to the chilling final moments, the four-star episode (penned by Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams) had me teetering on the edge of my swivel chair the entire time. It easily ranks as one of the best Lost eps — possibly the best — since the pilot. An amazing feat since it only features four series regulars!

Source: Ausiello

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Laura Innes About Elizabeth

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ER_still_Elizabeth_Mitchell.jpgQ: That’s humanity. It’s nice to see it perfect on screen but it’s messy for all of us. You were first paired with actress Elizabeth Mitchell (Dr. Kim Legaspi) who had played another high-profiled lesbian in GIA as Angelina Jolie’s lover. For lesbians watching the show, we were all very aware of who ‘Kim’ was or who she had the potential to be. What can you tell me about working with Elizabeth Mitchell?
A: It was great working with Elizabeth. She is an absolutely wonderful actress and gorgeous and I thought, well, Weaver would NEVER get her! [laughing] I thought, my god [laughing] but it’s a TV show [laughing].

Q: Why?!!?!
A: I don’t know. She’s just soooo beautiful and tall and perfect and out!

Q: You are underestimating the draw of the feisty redhead to us blondes.
A: [laughing] Well, actually it helped my storyline because I felt like a kid when I was with her, which I thought was appropriate. I kept feeling … (like) this is like Junior High … because (Kerry) doesn’t know what she is doing. This is new. And with Elizabeth, who was so perfect. There was actually another actress cast in that part initially and she was a very good actress, but I went to the producers and I said this woman is very talented and attractive but I don’t think she is going to supply the appeal that I really think is important. Because my whole deal is bring people on board. Get people into this. And Elizabeth is so charismatic. So it was great. She was a joy to work with.


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