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The Expanse | Scene Of The Week – Anna & Amos

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x13_06.jpgWe found this article about The Expanse. They included the wonderful scene between Anna and Amos from the finale among their “scene of the week”. <3

A weekly characteristic by which we’re looking for essentially the most compelling, finest acted, written, directed and simply typically nice, memorable scenes that we have seen in previous seven days on TV.

THE EXPANSE, “Abaddon’s Gate”, June 27, 2018, Actors: Wes Chatham, Elizabeth Mitchell, The Scene: Anna lectures Amos
Anna lectures Amos on the burden of hate and the fallacies of being human – how we hate what we do not perceive. Amos, a pure born killer who simply occurs to be on the “good” aspect, by no means had anybody exterior of Naomi to information him, and on this certainly one of three scenes along with Anna, we see how a lot of an impact her knowledge and her human-ness has on him. The scene is capped off with Amos declaring to Anna that he would by no means let anybody damage her, which was simply such a spine-tingling second.


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Every J.J. Abrams TV Show Ranked

We found this article about JJ Abrams’ shows. Obviously Lost is number one. Revolution is ten.

3x09 Stranger In A Strange Land Elizabeth Mitchell (3).jpg1. ‘Lost’ (2004 – 2010)
“Lost” definitely had some bad seasons, and people still want to flip tables over the series finale, but when it was good, it was SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

We love the line about Liz.

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x17_official_cap_4.jpg10. ‘Revolution’ (2012-2014)
A show you want to like more because of Elizabeth Mitchell, but you just can’t really get there. We get it, post-apocalyptic worlds were all the rage. But this just wasn’t about one we needed to see.

Source: msn

We love that people might not like a show, but they really like Elizabeth anyway. That says a lot about her talent! <3

You can’t help but always appreciate her performances. She makes you love all the characters she gives life to with such a profund intensity that when a show ends, you keep thinking about those women she has created and those will forever be a gift! Beautiful!

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Three Reasons Why The Expanse’s Third Season Was Its Best Yet

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x11_03.jpgIo9 posted this article about three reasons why The Expanse’s third season was its best yet.

They also added a photo of Anna with this caption.:

Anna, the quiet badass.

It made us smile!

Our 2 reasons: Elizabeth Mitchell and her character! 😛 Anyway this is the part about Anna:

2) It introduced some intriguing and valuable new characters…
In the first half of season three, Anna Volovodov (Elizabeth Mitchell) witnessed first-hand the corruption that sparked Earth’s war with Mars, and she helped an exiled Avasarala expose the truth and bring a tenuous new peace to the system. In the second half, she joined the UN delegation that entered the Ring, where her unique strengths (including being a hell of a great speechmaker) played a very important role when it came time to save the human race. Anna’s a Methodist pastor, but she’s spiritual without being preachy—and somehow manages to be both gentle and badass. What’s more, while The Expanse has always been diverse, the show’s nonchalant portrayal of Anna’s loving relationship with her wife back on Earth was particularly refreshing. She happens to be gay, and that’s no big deal, the way it should be.

Far more traditionally villainous was Clarissa Mao (Nadine Nicole), whose laser-beam pursuit of James Holden (Steven Strait) created a lot of collateral damage, and not just innocent deaths: Her sabotage set the events in motion that forced the Roci to flee through the Ring in the first place. Eventually—and it took a lot, including a slap in the face from Anna, the kindest person in outer space—she realized how much she’d fucked up, and aligned her agenda, and her artificially-enhanced superstrength, with the good guys in the nick of time.

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The Expanse Season 3 Finale | More Reviews

This review is awesome even more because it’s by IGN (they didn’t cover the show).

We love the dynamic between Anna and Amos so much, we really hope to see that explored in season 4, even though the role of Anna is not included in the 4th book and we understand Anna has a family to go back to at some point and they’ve been waiting for her for so long, but yet we hope there’s a chance to see more of Anna in the 4th season (and with the main cast).

The Expanse has always had a rich cast of characters, but the addition of Reverand Anna Volovodov (Mitchell) in Season 3 made the show even better, especially her relationship with Amos (Wes Chatham). Chatham has done a wonderful job of being the show’s comic relief, but since Naomi (Dominique Tipper) fell in love with Holden and left the Roci crew midway through the season, Amos lost a counterpart to bounce his craziness off of. With Anna, who had a great scene with Amos during a shootout in the finale about the value of human life and morality, Amos now has that dynamic equal to contend with. Chatham and Mitchell are both talented actors, so pairing them together in an almost mother/son dynamic was a great move by the writers. Hopefully, Season 4 will develop their relationship even further.

The comments in this one are only about Anna, but it’s very nice!

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The Expanse Season 3 Finale | Reviews

The first review says nice things about Liz and the second one is more an analysis of her character, but interesting. 🙂

Over the second half of this season there has also been an increase in the emotional depth of many characters, and there has been a lot of excellent character moments, giving great insight. This is exemplified by the brilliance of Elizabeth Mitchell as Anna, who has portrayed the pain and conflict of her character, alongside her drive to care and minister to all. Over this episode we see a growing connection with Amos (Wes Chatham), who is essentially closed off emotionally, yet she seems to be able to have some kind of dialogue with him, unlike many others.

Anna’s conflict is typified by her reaction to Clarissa/Melba (Nadine Nicole), as they have her subdued in the Rocinante med bay. On one hand she is angry at her, but also still wants to give her Mercy. Like Elizabeth Mitchell, Nadine Nicole has been a stand out in this second half of the season, and she has some great scenes in this episode.


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The Expanse 3×11 | More Reviews

We found more reviews about Anna. 🙂

I have to admit a growing admiration for our space minister Anna Volovodov. When Melba made her escape via space to get onto the Rocinante, I thought the shot of Anna screaming at Melba through the air-lock was kind of the end of it. But dear Anna showed she’s got some fire in the belly by following Melba to the Roci and saving Naomi’s life while in Melba’s death grip. Great to see Amos and Alex still alive — bruised and bloodied, but alive — and to see Naomi back home where she belongs (Amos, nice little line about changing her hair. Again, subtle humor that resonates so effectively), but to see Anna’s passion and commitment to justice being done on Melba was something special.

I’m sure Anna hasn’t done much space walking, but it’s also fairly obvious that when she puts her mind to something (and that something was Melba), she will not easily be dissuaded. So now she’s aboard the Rocinante, Melba got a nice dose of shock therapy, and Naomi will try to put the pieces together. I think Anna will be an interesting part of the Rocinante crew dynamics moving forward, provided she stays aboard for a while — and I think she will.


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The Expanse 3×11 Reviews

These are a couple of nice reviews of The Expanse 3×11. The first one is about Elizabeth’s performance and the 2nd review is more about how great Anna is at the end of the episode. 🙂

This section of story is really well done, with all three of the main actors involved doing a great job. Clarissa/Melba is a complex character and here shows both determination, and single minded obsession, but also a vulnerability and desperation, as she looks to get away. Alongside this, Tilly, who was clearly trying to make a change for the better, essentially gets punished for her efforts, and gets skewered during the deceleration, but holds out long enough to tell Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) of who Melba really is.

Having been asleep during the deceleration, Anna is uninjured and tries to help the crew, which includes Melba, who has broken her arm. Later, after she discovers the mortally wounded Tilly and learns the truth about Melba, she goes after her, seemingly still trying to save her. Elizabeth Mitchell is especially brilliant during this whole episode, as she has to portray a variety of emotional states, and conflicting thoughts, showing the grief, panic, and strive for justice at various points.


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The Expanse 3×10 | More Reviews

We found more reviews about Elizabeth’s performance and Anna in The Expanse 3×10. 🙂

Episode Grade: A-

Characters need flaws.  Every writer knows this, it’s Storytelling 101.  Early on, it looked as if Anna Volovodov’s flaw was merely to be her complicity in Sorrento-Gillis’ pre-show sins, and her regret over her role in them.  Especially when compared to S-G himself and to Errinwright, who were her only foils, this was not a terribly interesting foible.  Fortunately for the character, Elizabeth Mitchell’s nuanced performance has made her a joy to watch, but even so the last couple of episodes have done wonders for making Anna especially interesting, as opposed to just Mitchell’s portrayal of her.

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The Expanse 3×10 | Review

There is some nice reviews this week and not only recaps which is awesome since Elizabeth was a huge part of the episode and deserves so much attention.

There aren’t enough characters like Anna Volovodov on TV. I suppose that’s not entirely fair; part of the reason Anna is so compelling is that she’s played by Elizabeth Mitchell, and there’s only so much of her to go around. But on a show with its fair share of people trying to do the right thing—a show which, for all its darkness and violence, does appear to have a base level optimism about the nature of humanity—Anna still manages to stand out. Her kindness and warmth would normally relegate her to a backseat position, the sort of passive figure that other characters aspire to be more like while they galavant around having adventures. But she has also has an intense passion for discovery that drives her to stay on board the Prince even when all common sense (and the pleas of her wife) would suggest otherwise.

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