2012 Never Seen Set Photo of Liz

Hello! I’ve just found a pic of Liz from September 2012 working on episode 1×07. The person who posted it also wrote these nice words about Elizabeth:

liz elizabeth mitchell9/23/2012

Worked on NBC’s Revolution recently and here’s a behind-the-scenes shot.
I was a huge fan of the show Lost so it was really cool to be working alongside Elizabeth Mitchell (you can see her in the background of the picture below).
She was very friendly and it was a cool experience.

Source: invisibleproductions

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Adam Horowitz about Liz

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time

This is my fanart, it’s not a OUAT’s poster.

I think you all read the article about Once Upon A Time’s dream cast by zap2it with Liz as Glinda.

She would have been perfect!

I saw a lot of people wanted her in that show and also asked Adam about it. He said that he loves Elizabeth but they couldn’t cast her because she’s on another show.

It would have been amazing to have Elizabeth on Once Upon A Time because Rebecca and Emilie are there and they film in Vancouver.  When Liz was shooting V there, we got a lot of pics from the set. <3

This is the message Adam Horowitz wrote on twitter:

“love her. But she’s on another show.”

BTW I made this poster just for fun!

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Revolution Cast & Crew about Liz

Quoting Rebecca (Mader) Liz is “Effervescent”, so no surprise she is the loudest person on Revolution set. It must be an incredible experience to work with her, both professionally and humanly. Lucky people! Btw we updated the page “What colleagues say about Elizabeth” with some more quotes by Revolution Cast & Crew. You can read them at this link.


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Steven Culp about Elizabeth and Revolution Cast

elizabeth mitchellWhen you got the part on “Revolution” was there any actor you really looked forward to working with? Or still do, since you haven’t worked with all of the cast yet?

It would be unfair to single anyone out, since they are all so terrific. I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone there. Early on, I was sitting on the set at 3 a.m. with Elizabeth Mitchell and Stephen Collins, waiting for a shot to be set up and having a very interesting conversation about one thing and another. And it occurred to me: if I’m going to be sitting on a set at three in the morning, these are the people I want to be with. There’s a real sense of camaraderie on the set–all for one and one for all. And a lot of humor, which is a tonic on a show where cast & crew work long hours under sometimes adverse conditions. Everyone has been lovely, and very supportive and encouraging, which is not the case on all shows. Though I have to say I’ve been very fortunate in most of the programs I’ve worked on.

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EMFC’s New Layouts & Top 50 on IMDB

Happy 2014, guys!

elizabeth mitchell fan club new layout january 2014We thought to create a different design for the new year, so we changed the layouts of the site, the photo gallery and the videos archive using the latest gorgeous photoshoot!

We hope you like them!

 emfc_jan_2014_gallery.jpg  emfc_jan_2014_video_archive.jpg

Oh, by the way Elizabeth is Top 50 on imdb. :D This is a wonderful way to start the new year! :D So cool!


Photos Credits Photographer: Melis+Dainon ||Makeup Artist: Laura Martinez || Hair: Erica Rae || Styling: Rose Tran

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Revolution 2×07 Podcast – 2×08 New Stills and BTS – Tracy about Liz and more nice mentions

elizabeth mitchellHey guys, we have a few updates about Revolution to post.  So here we go! :)

Tracy Spiridakos wrote this tweet about Elizabeth:

she’s pretty much the sweetest, and funniest, and I love her.

Last week she wrote this:

Awww Miles and Rachel are so cute!

Revolution 2×08 BTS Photo and Stills

elizabeth mitchell revolution set Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_28629.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_28729.jpg

Revolution 2×07 Podcast – Revolution Revealed

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson


Some nice mentions

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Tim_Guinee_1x02_set.jpgAnd the mother of the little girl who worked with Elizabeth (see the photo and the past message here) last season wrote something else about her.

“She is by far the sweetest actress we have worked with. My whole family LOVES her! ”
“All the good rumors are true! She’s a total sweetheart!!! “

Thanks so much Kaysi for the headup!

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New Fan Photos of Elizabeth – Nice Mentions – New Interview Soon – USO Trip New Photo

elizabeth mitchell Hello again!

Liz was spotted in Seattle last Sunday (I think) and someone posted a photo of her on Revolution official page. The second photo is from Seattle as well, but it’s from September 1. She is always so nice and her smile is the sweetest! People who met her have only lovely things to say about her. Well how could it be any different?! She has a kind soul. Who says otherwise is totally lying because of craziness or envy. :P

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Seattle_Airport_October_27.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_fanphoto_september.jpg

Stephen Collins (Rachel’s father) answered to a fan about how it is working with Elizabeth and he said this:

Intense, funny, surprising, safe.


The person of the first pic posted this message about Liz:

Wendy Hinand: Met Elizabeth Mitchell tonight (Rachel Matheson) What a sweetheart! She so patiently posed for this picture with me.


We also found some nice comments online of people who met her recently on Revolution set.

Andrea Frost Moynihan: Looking forward to seeing my daughter in the Halloween scenes tonight! Elizabeth Mitchell was so sweet to the kids in the scene she did with them at the Martindale location, coming over to talk to them afterward, thanking them for being there and telling them that they had done a great job. She is truly a class act!

Stan Taylor: One time walked up to me and smiled and said “hi” I was totally speechless.

Larry Quisenberry: I am an extra in the show and get to work with her and she is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. As sweet and down to earth as they come.

Carlos Compean:I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Mitchell on the set of Revolution. She was GREAT! Thanks for being so friendly.

Talking about sweetness, Shirley Li from Enteretainment Weekly just interviewed Liz via phone and posted this message on twitter:

Just got off the phone with Elizabeth Mitchell from #Revolution (and #LOST, eek!). Hands down sweetest person ever. That’s all. #fangirling

— Shirley Li (@shirklesxp) October 29, 2013

So we’ll get a new interview soon! <3

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