Lana about Elizabeth

Someone asked Lana to describe Liz in 3 words and this what she said! <3 <3 <3

And Mike Coleman, who plays Happy (one of the dwarfs) wrote this:

So what do we do with Liz stealing the heart of so many people?! :D So proud of this amazing woman!

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Once Upon A Time Set: Liz with Sally Pressman

UPDATE: Sally posted another photo of her and Liz!!! <3

Sally posted a photo of her and Liz on Once Upon A Time set. They are so cute! <3

Once Upon A Time Set: Elizabeth Mitchell with Sally Pressman Once Upon A Time Set: Elizabeth Mitchell with Sally Pressman

“Sisters who share a love of candy. They let me and #ElizabethMitchell loose on the sweets!!!!!

She also wrote this beautiful tweet about Liz! AWWWWWW! Yes it’s true!! <3

Thanks so much for the headup!

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Another Fan Report About Meeting Liz

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time set

Katmtan with Liz

Hi guys! Katmtan emailed me the report of her meetings with Liz and a new photo with her! Elizabeth is always super nice, you all need to read this:

So I just wanted to take the opportunity to write my personal encounter with the amazing Elizabeth Mitchell. When I heard that she was playing Snow Queen, I got super excited. My friend @chelseaquintal is a HUGE Elizabeth Mitchell fan and we both hoped and planned how we can meet Liz.

One day, Liz was filming her scenes for “The Snow Queen Episode” (4×07). I got lucky coz I found where set was and saw that Liz was filming. Unfortunately @ChelseaQuintal couldn’t come coz she had to work. So Liz was filming in her full Snow Queen costume and everytime she saw us she would wave and jump up and down. She was definitely full of energy. Anyways long story short, we waited for her until the end because we knew she couldn’t come out in her costume. We decided we were going to wait where the trailers are (of course not too close that we’re invading their space), Liz finally came out after changing from her costume. There were only four of us there and she was in a bit of a rush. We asked if we could take a photo but she had said she can’t because she still has some of the Snow Queen make up on… One of the fans said she’s leaving next day and just wanted a photo with her and Liz was so sweet and said okay! let’s just take selfies and made ur promise not to post the photo until her character is shown on the show. We all kept our promise and never posted that photo. I wasn’t able to get her to sign my book coz she had to go and I didn’t want to bother her more…I told myself I’ll get another chance…

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Fan Report About Meeting Liz


Chelsea with Liz

Remember Chelsea who let me know about the nice words the security guy said about Liz? Well she took the time to write about her meeting with Elizabeth. You all need to read it because it’s amazing and Elizabeth is the sweetest person ever!


So basically I have been a huge Liz fan since I was 7 and still can’t quite get over the fact I was lucky enough to have this opportunity. And everyone needs to know how precious she is. This is my (as brief as it can get yet still not brief) detailing of the encounter. :)

We saw Elizabeth filming her scene in the morning/early afternoon. Every time she passed by between takes she waved with such excitement, even when she was holding her long dress she did a little bent over wave with her hand full of the fabric.

When she wrapped her first scene we motioned for her to come over to sign and she paused and then did a gesture of frustration, apologizing and saying something none of us heard. One of the security guards came over and told us that she’d try her best to come out once she’d wrapped her last scene.

Eventually it was night and Liz was the only one left filming so we waited…and waited….and waited….
It was getting late and we didn’t know what time she’d come out, if she’d come out at all if it got too late. But we waited. Some left but about 7 of us stayed strong.

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5 Reasons the Snow Queen is the Coolest Villain Ever

Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x06ABC posted this article about the Snow Queen (videos included at this link). You need to favorite and retweet them here to show our support for Liz! :D

And this is what they wrote:

5 Reasons the Snow Queen is the Coolest Villain Ever

From wickedly wry Zelena to creepy man-child Peter Pan, we love to hate the villains of Once Upon a Time — and The Snow Queen is no exception. Here are the top 5 reasons we can’t get enough of her!

1) She’s got style!

From her shimmering crystal gown to that incredible ice cave, the Snow Queen has a signature style — sophisticated, chic, and oh-so-cool. In “Rocky Road” she is released from an urn after being in captivity for years, and emerges looking as flawless as ever.

2) She’s a teacher, at heart

In “Rocky Road,” the Snow Queen is determined to show Elsa that ordinary people can never accept people with gifts like theirs. If that means she has to frame her niece to teach her a lesson, so be it.

3) She always keeps her cool.

In “Breaking Glass,” Elsa fights against ice shackles and demands to know what the Snow Queen is up to. The Snow Queen coolly responds, “I’m going to build a snow man.”

4) She’s got a plan.

The Snow Queen knows what she wants and is willing so do what it takes to get it. In “Breaking Glass,” she warns Sidney he’s going to need to get a warm coat because things are about get chilly in Storybrooke. Brrr!

5) She’s flexible.

In, “Family Business,” the Snow Queen realizes that Anna doesn’t trust her, but doesn’t miss a beat: she simply imprisons Anna and sets out to find a replacement. Uh-oh, Emma!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Review - Snow Queen

Once Upon A Time 4×06: Reviews


EMfc edit

Hey guys, I’ve just found these nice reviews about Liz’s performance. Enjoy! :D Yay, she slays on OUAT!

The Snow Queen wants a perfect family. It’s not a complex motivation, but it’s powerful and a little creepy. If she wipes everyone out with her fancy mirror, what does she expect Emma and Elsa to do? She’d end up forcing them to love her. Ingrid’s desperation for validation combined with the fact that she’s been watching Emma for a long time is unsettling. Elizabeth Mitchell completely sells the Snow Queen’s deranged state of being.

Though we learned, when she captured Anna, a little about her plan, there are still gaps in the Snow Queen’s history. That said, tonight’s episode made more progress than I would have expected in furthering her backstory. She’s just the kind of villain the series needed, and her understated brand of evil is enjoyable to watch.

While tonight’s Once happily made forward progress with the Snow Queen’s story (and it was fascinating), it didn’t resonate in other areas.

Source: IGN

Elizabeth Mitchell continues to be a standout villain on a show that’s always done villains rights. Her Snow Queen is like the ice she wields, cold, steely, yet brittle. Every cut regarding family creates cracks in her cool veneer.

How great was that face off between Gold and the Snow Queen? This was the first time in quite a while where he’s facing a villain that isn’t his mentor or that he didn’t mentor. She’s an unknown and getting to watching Gold bounce off an unknown is a real treat.

Source: fempop

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Emilie about Liz + Lana retweeting Liz’s pic

I think this is so beautiful! Not just for the LOST reunion (we need a pic of these two btw ) but because I think not everybody does that to help the other actor and she wasn’t even in the scene. Usually during things like this one, the actor has to act all alone with a picture of himself (or of another person). Liz was so kind to do this for Emilie. Not surprised I must say, I know how supportive she always is with her costars. Anyway this is what Emilie said:

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