Elizabeth sighting in the Seattle area

The W Lovers” met Liz in the Seattle area today and they posted a photo of her on facebook. :D

We met Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost today (also V and Revolution and all the other amazing things she’s been on) – she was SO nice and came over to tell us sounded great !! We love her so much : )

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Review

2×20 & 2×22 Set Photo, Stills & Video

1.   Elizabeth Mitchell 2. Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell

3. Elizabeth Mitchell Set Photo, Stills & Video 4. elizabeth mitchell

Liz’s stunt in the picture wrote this: “Revolution Finale with one of the coolest chicks I’ve met Elizabeth Mitchell”.

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2x20 - 2x22 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Review - Revolution - Set - Video

Revolution Cast about Liz

Stephen Collins talks about Liz and say lovely things about her. Watch it! ^___^

stephen collins about elizabeth mitchell


Thanks Mike for the head-up!

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Review - Revolution - Set

WonderCon 2014: 2 Pix & Fan Report

This is a very nice fan report by someone who got to meet Elizabeth at WonderCon and shared the experience and two pics of her leaving the convention.

Then we had to run back up for the Revolution signing. The NBC series produced by JJ Abrams.

Again, we couldn’t take pictures, but can I just tell you. Elizabeth Mitchell… One of the nicest, coolest, most awesome people I have ever met. Now, I got into the “V” signing before the series came out at SDCC and Elizabeth was awesome then, but…

She literally spent a good few minutes with everyone. Took everyone by the hand and said hello. Now, Juliet was my favorite character on Lost. Erica told me, “Juliet is going to be your favorite.” and let me tell you, she was right.

Elizabeth literally was adorable. I mentioned how much I loved her on Lost and she was like, “you know, I wasn’t sure when they put Josh and I together if it would work, but there was something about those two characters” and she went on, and it was like having a conversation about Lost. Then I flippantly mentioned how much I miss “V” and we talked about “V” for a second. Seriously, I was like, I need to go. LOL… Stephen Collins was there and I was so taken aback at how nice Elizabeth was I barely said two words to him.

I can’t say enough about how cool Elizabeth was. Susan told Elizabeth how pretty she was, and Elizabeth said, “Oh, so are you!” or something like that. lol.

We checked out some of the cosplayers outside and then saw Elizabeth Mitchell leaving. She was waving at everyone and smiling at everything going on around her. It was pretty funny.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Pix - Review - V - WonderCon 2014

2012 Never Seen Set Photo of Liz

Hello! I’ve just found a pic of Liz from September 2012 working on episode 1×07. The person who posted it also wrote these nice words about Elizabeth:

liz elizabeth mitchell9/23/2012

Worked on NBC’s Revolution recently and here’s a behind-the-scenes shot.
I was a huge fan of the show Lost so it was really cool to be working alongside Elizabeth Mitchell (you can see her in the background of the picture below).
She was very friendly and it was a cool experience.

Source: invisibleproductions

1x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Review - Revolution - Set

Adam Horowitz about Liz

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time

This is my fanart, it’s not a OUAT’s poster.

I think you all read the article about Once Upon A Time’s dream cast by zap2it with Liz as Glinda.

She would have been perfect!

I saw a lot of people wanted her in that show and also asked Adam about it. He said that he loves Elizabeth but they couldn’t cast her because she’s on another show.

It would have been amazing to have Elizabeth on Once Upon A Time because Rebecca and Emilie are there and they film in Vancouver.  When Liz was shooting V there, we got a lot of pics from the set. <3

This is the message Adam Horowitz wrote on twitter:

“love her. But she’s on another show.”

BTW I made this poster just for fun!

Artworks - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Review

Revolution Cast & Crew about Liz

Quoting Rebecca (Mader) Liz is “Effervescent”, so no surprise she is the loudest person on Revolution set. It must be an incredible experience to work with her, both professionally and humanly. Lucky people! Btw we updated the page “What colleagues say about Elizabeth” with some more quotes by Revolution Cast & Crew. You can read them at this link.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Review - Revolution