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V Casting Call for Erica’s Ex-Husband and Hobbes

[HOBBES] Male… 30s. 40s. He has an enduring strength and intelligence. A mercenary .. He will join the resistance but does not have an allegiance to any particular group. A weapons expert and a bomb maker. A lower middle class upbringing. He is a soldier not an officer but has a keen intelligence and is very resourceful. Recurring Guest Star 7 of 8 Episodes.

[ERICA’S (ELIZABETH MITCHELL) EX-HUSBAND] Male… Late 30s – Mid 40s. A recovering alcoholic. He is tall and has a strength and maturity to him … a deep soft nature. He is not a cop or a solider(sptv050769). Perhaps a carpenter. He is very much a man. Recurring Guest Star. Two Episodes (104,. 105) possibly more.

[DR. LEAH PEARLMAN] Mid to late 20s… A medical doctor. Leah is a “V” who is a member of the Fifth Column. She does not work on the ship but was sent to help “Vs” undercover should they need medical attention. Recurring Guest Star. Ep#104 possibly more.

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Erica Evans - V - V Spoilers

V 1×04 | 2 New Sneak Peeks with Erica

UPDATE: Now it works!

New Sneak Peeks: 1×04 It’s Only The Beginning

The video archive doesn’t work at the moment and I have to go to work, so you can see the sneak peeks on tvovermind. The ones with Erica are number 2 and 3. I’ll upload them as soon as I get home this evening so you can download them. Have a nice day, guys!

1x04 It's Only The Beginning - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - V - V Sneak Peek - V Spoilers - Video