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V | Spoiler about Tyler’s death

Double Trouble | As much as Laura Vandervoort hopes that ABC renews V for a third season, there’s one storyline twist that she is dreading to play, given how “Lisa 2.0” violently slaughtered Tyler after their roll in the spaceship hay. “The heart-wrenching thing is that Erica will think it was [the original] Lisa who killed her son,” says Vandervoort, obviously disheartened to see her and Elizabeth Mitchell’s on-screen dynamic demolished. Hmm, maybe that dungeon ain’t so bad a hiding place after all.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Season 3 Cancelled - V - V Spoilers

V’s Elizabeth Mitchell – Team Leader | SciFi and TV Talk Interview

V’s Elizabeth Mitchell – Team Leader

In Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell’s character of Dr. Juliet Burke was unknowingly drawn into and then became part of a mysterious group called “The Others.” Juliet subsequently switched sides and ended up fighting for her life, while at the same time falling in love. Nowadays, in the hit Sci-Fi series V, the actress’ TV alter ego, FBI Agent Erica Evans, is fighting to save herself along with all of humanity from an alien race that professes to be benevolent but whose queen, Anna, has far more malevolent plans in mind.  Spearheading such a battle has been a fun and exciting challenge for Mitchell.

“It’s such a basic thing, but I was really attracted to the notion of a female protagonist kind of leading the way for humankind’s survival. That sounds like an awfully big ego thing to say,” notes the actress with a chuckle,” but I really did like that idea. So that’s what initially drew me to the series, because in the beginning the Erica character was just a sketch of a woman, but I felt it showed tremendous potential as far as where she could go and how that might be very interesting for me to play.

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2x10 Mother's Day - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Interview - Season 2 - Season 3 Cancelled - V - V Spoilers

Watch V Season Finale Tonight

Why do you need to watch V Season Finale? Elizabeth tells you why:

Al Norton: So the best thing for fans of V to do to show their support is watch the finale

Elizabeth Mitchell: If they do so it could really make a difference if we come back for a third season. We haven’t been told anything secretly that we’re not sharing; nothing has been decided. This is the time; if this is a show you want to watch, you should watch the finale. I hate to say it but you should watch it live and not on tape since those viewers mean more to the network since you then watch the lovely advertisements and they can get more money from the ad guys (laughing). I’m not telling people what to do, just saying what would make the biggest impact.

Al Norton: They could watch it live and then watch it on DVR so they can count twice.

Elizabeth Mitchell: Oh, that’s a great idea! Watch on every TV you have and then go over to your Mother’s house and watch it there, too (laughing). I like it!

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2x10 Mother's Day - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Interview - Season 2 - Season 3 Cancelled - V - V Set - V Sneak Peek - V Spoilers - V Trailer