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V 1×08 Review

Mania Grade: A

“We Can’t Win” is – head and shoulders – the best episode of the re-imagined V, given that it had plenty of edge-of-your-seat, WTF moments. It also had less than the usual approximately 42 minutes (san commercials in an hour-long drama) to make an impact since Lost ran two minutes over its timeslot, which it did, speaking for everyone involved’s commitment to a quality show.

The subplot between Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and her son Tyler (Logan Huffman) is getting stale, let’s get that on the table first. Fans of the show are sick of seeing her cry every time she tries to get through to her mule-headed son. The issue of Tyler’s parentage has been brought into question, but now Erica swears Joe Evans (Nicholas Lea of X-Files fame) is his dad. Hmmm, is this a quick and dirty way of tying off that loose end since V’s on the bubble?

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V 1×07 John May | Review

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t read it!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my lack of a review for “Pound of Flesh.” I was unable to watch that episode until several days later, and by then it was too late for me to post a review. I must say, though, that it was a huge step up from “Welcome to the War,” (which I gave a C) and was probably my favorite episode of the season so far. But now, on with “John May.”

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V |The Indipendent’s Review

Imagine a world where a beautiful, charming politician promises an embattled, debt-ridden nation that they can lead them to a promised land of hope and universal healthcare. All they have to do is simply believe.

No, we’re not talking about President Barack Obama’s election campaign, but rather about America’s latest sci-fi drama, V, a remake of the Eighties cult classic in which the deceptive alien forces seem to bear more than a passing resemblance to the current White House incumbent.

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V Review

4. In a preview for “V” – a shows I meant to watch because it has Morena Baccarin from “Firefly,” but so far it’s never happened – I saw the actress who plays Juliet in “Lost,” Elizabeth Mitchell. That’s great; always liked her on “Lost,” and thought she was far more interesting than Penny, whom Desmond loves because the script tells him to. But it seems ABC has about four actresses total, and has to keep rotating them around from show to show to placate the nerd base. See, this is sci-fi with a rich backstory, it has Juliet! You liked Juliet, didn’t you? Sure you did. Sit down. It’s as good as Lost. Really.

I don’t think anything will be as good as Lost; it’s impossible to duplicate. It’s like the X-Files, but unlikely to look like total BS when it’s done.

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Elizabeth mention

Shows that might get canceled: V, Heroes, Accidentally on Purpose, FlashForward. Shows that should get canceled: V, Heroes, Accidentally on Purpose, FlashForward. (See what I did there?) Actors from those shows who should get new, way better series: Elizabeth Mitchell.

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Review | V ‘Welcome to the War’

Boy, what a hiatus makes as the sci-fi remake comes back, leaner, faster and filled with great pay-offs
Grade: B+

the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell

With only four episodes to prove itself last fall, V – the remake of the classic 1980’s mini-series and TV series – started off cool and slowly de-volved into muddled storytelling and little pay-off.

Boy, what an extended break and a new showrunner – former CHUCK executive producer Scott Rosenbaum – does to help get things back on track.

First of all, “Welcome to the War” is leaner and meaner, moving storylines along much faster and tying up loose ends from the previous four episodes as quickly as possible.

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