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Nice Mention to Elizabeth and Erica

This article suggests their 5 ways to improve V for the next season. There is a nice mention of Elizabeth and Erica that I think it worths to post.

This is not meant as indictment of Elizabeth Mitchell or her character, FBI Agent Erica Evans. Mitchell is a talented actress and Erica is an interesting character.

But is it too much to ask for a male character on the show to have half the balls that’s she’s got?

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V Red Sky’s Reviews

Does V stand for Visitor? Is it Victory? Or even Vengeance?

That seems to be the question pondered by the season finale of ABC’s sci-fi drama “V,” recently renewed for a second season. Although the series won’t return until midseason (at the earliest, November), the writers left us with quite a few cliffhangers to think about in the meantime as alliances fractured, sides were taken, and a new threat to the planet was unleashed by a vengeful Anna, in the throes of her first real human emotion.

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V Review | The action hero mom

V‘s FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and alien queen Anna (Morena Baccarin): Who says a mom can’t be a gun shootin’, angst-spewin’, relationship-avoidin’ action hero? ABC’s V remake gained an instant, contemporary sheen by changing the 1984 series’ intrepid male hero into a conflicted FBI agent mothering a rebellious teen son — setting up a catfight for the ages with alien queen Anna, who has her own rebellious daughter to handle.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - V - V Reviews

V 1×10 | Reviews

The best episode of V in some time reawakens Ron’s interest in the show. Can Gregg Hurwitz write more episodes, please?

10. Hearts And Minds

Last week, it looked as though V was hopeless. Another sci-fi TV show damned to the refuse pile, destined not to be renewed next year. Then I read an article saying just how much money per commercial break the show pulled in thanks to its hot start earlier in the year.

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1x10 Hearts and Minds - Elizabeth Mitchell - Reviews - V - V Reviews