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Science fiction to address immigration

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Ostrow: As “V” enters Season 2, our fears wear a beautiful skin

“V,” starring Bret Harrison and Elizabeth Mitchell, uses science fiction to address such topical debates as immigration. (ABC)

As the new season of “V” begins tonight on ABC, those pesky aliens are causing red rain to fall upon the people of Earth. Darned if those beautiful Visitors from outer space aren’t scheming to take over our planet.

Protesters carry signs proclaiming, “The end is nigh.” Vigilante Fifth Columnists vow to fight. Meanwhile, on the spaceship hovering over Manhattan, the beautiful alien Anna (Morena Baccarin) remains true to her own kind: “I may wear this skin, but I never forget what we are beneath.”

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V 2×01 Red Rain | TV SQUAD Review

It’s spoilering!

When Aliens Attack: ‘V’ Returns With Renewed Energy (and Some Cheese)

‘V’ (9PM ET Tuesday, ABC) certainly had a rocky time of it in its debut season. After a swell pilot, the show slowed down considerably, and ‘V’ didn’t always know how to use its mostly able cast. As the elegant alien leader, Anna, Morena Baccarin acquitted herself well, as did Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Erica, an FBI agent leading an underground resistance. But the quality of everything else on the show fluctuated quite a bit.

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V Review | Season Two Premiere

It contains spoilers.

V is an ambitious show for a network to undertake. It’s sci-fi to the core, with visual style and an effects budget that superior series’ would have loved. The show gets just about everything right. Moral questions are addressed about the fundamental nature of the human spirit, strong characters (and often equally strong actors) are at the center of the story, and a battle of chess is played between the humans and Visitors. Despite all of this the first season of V was something much less than it should be.

Season two picks up the story begun by season one, and it uses the same trappings. But in the interim the show runners have begun to find the heart of V. There’s still a distinct lack of substance to the story, but the addition of Diana changes a core dynamic of the series. There’s potential for the battle between Anna and her mother Diana to elevate the series to a level akin to Battlestar Galactica. V already shares much with Ronald D. Moore’s remake of a classic sci-fi show, including a hybrid baby.
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V 2×01 Red Rain | (P)Review

Air Date: Tuesday 1/4

Us Rating: ***

The fantastical drama improves in season 2, thanks in part to ore gripping personal story lines. Even as extraterrestrial queen Anna (Morena Baccarin) plots Earth’s takeover, she secretly develops unwanted human feelings. Meanwhile, FBI agent Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and team get closer to uncovering Anna’s evil plan. Tension and a jaw-dropping chase scene ensue. Don’t miss the surprise ending either; it’s out there. (ABC, 9 P.M.)


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The Top 10 TV Shows of 2010: LOST & V

5. V

The original v was a camp classic. This reboot of the series is much more serious and dramatic rather than melodramatic. In 2010, The characters were set up and the high point is the standoff between the two female leads, Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST) as the FBI agent determined to learn the truth about the visitors and Morena Baccarin (Firefly) as the leader of the visitors responsible for selling her people and their intentions to the Earth. The idea of these two women being at the center of an epic struggle with the entire Earth in the balance is fascinating. This year ended with a fantastic cliffhanger that had everyone seeing red!


That’s right, LOST was on this year. The series finished its epic run with one of the greatest and most controversial series finales of all time. The creators of the series constantly reminded us that the show was about the characters not the tiniest little question left unanswered. Some said that this focus on the characters was a copout but anyone who really watched the series from the beginning could easily see that the series built these characters to mean something to the viewer via the flashbacks and the drama on the island. Sure, the flashbacks often played into the mystery, but really the flashbacks most often defined a character’s decision making in the extreme circumstances on the island. Did some questions not get answered? Absolutely. Were the important ones answered? Yes. Did the characters get the respect they deserved? Yes, without a doubt they did. This season was emotional, mysterious, and action packed. LOST in 2010 was the best show on television.

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DVD Review | V: The Complete First Season

Elizabeth Mitchell leads the ensemble as Erica Evans, and I’m glad to see her here. She’s been out there in mostly supporting roles for quite awhile, and I first took real notice of her in her villainous part in the movie “Running Scared” and then when she came to Lost, she certainly added quite a bit to the show’s mystique. Here she gets to run the lead as an FBI Agent, mother and resistance leader all rolled into one. She looks terrific and she’s got the proper authority to carry this part.

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V Season 1 on DVD | Review

V: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (2009, Warner, unrated, $40) — Based on the ’80s miniseries, this sleekly entertaining sci-fi thriller re-acquaints audiences with “the Visitors,” aka aliens who ominously park their mammoth spaceships over 29 cities. Led by Anna (Morena Baccarin), the V’s talk a good game but they secretly harbor nasty takeover plans. “Lostie” Elizabeth Mitchell is sublime as the FBI agent who uncovers the truth about the Visitors and heads up a dogged resistance group. Mitchell’s face-offs with Baccarin are among the show’s most scintillating moments. Extras: handful of featurettes, deleted scenes, bloopers and commentaries.

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V DVD Box Set’s Review

They come in peace, and Tuesday they come home: the complete first season of ABC’s new V is released on Blu-Ray and DVD this week. I have an early look at the DVD edition for you today.

The Show

I suppose I have to start with a confession: I’ve never seen one minute of the original V. It never interested me. Though I suppose I’ve made things somewhat even by never having watched this incarnation until I opened these DVDs. This one actually did interest me, if only because Joel Gretsch (Taken, The 4400) is in the cast, but for various reasons it’s remained “that show I skipped the press room for at Comic-Con because I managed to work myself to exhaustion.”

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Erica and Hobbes like Juliet and Sawyer | Review

Sexual tension: Since Kyle Hobbes arrived on the scene, I’ve detected a bit of a spark between him and Erica. I would love if if the show pursued that direction, even as it deepens Kyle’s character, gives us more information about him and “her” (the mystery female Marcus had a photo of) and turns him into a very conflicted double agent. “Lost” fans know what great chemistry Mitchell had when she played opposite Sawyer, another rough-around-the-edges guy with great abs, and I think a Kyle-Erica affair could be diverting. Failing that, the show can just feature Charles Mesure standing around in a tight T-shirt for several minutes every episode. That would also work.

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