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EW Review | V 2×06 Siege

PhotobucketI feel like Elizabeth Mitchell has turned Erica Evans into a legitimately interesting heroine. She has a kind of classically tragic character arc: She does everything for her family, but all her actions have only conspired to break her family apart. It was searing to witness her final interaction with Tyler, who blames her and the Fifth Column for his father’s death. (When she slapped him, it was doubly cathartic, because yeesh, someone had to slap that kid.) Even better was the last scene, where Erica gave her first order as Fifth Column leader: “We go on the offensive. We strike first, we strike hard!” (These last four episodes could be good!)

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2x06 Siege - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews

V 2×05 Concordia | EW Review

Man, Elizabeth Mitchell really knocks it out of the park on this show every week! If ABC cancels V, I’m hoping Mitchell can find herself a lead role on an FX drama, perhaps as a morally ambiguous politician, or a morally ambiguous investment banker with a prescription drug addiction, or a morally ambiguous ninja from the future. (I’ve just trademarked all of those elevator pitches, by the way.)

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2x05 Concordia - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews

V 2×07 Sneak Peeks and article

At the beginning of this video there is another sneak peek of episode 2×07.

2×07 Birth Pangs: Sneak Peeks

It contains spoilers!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘V’ Stars and Producer Dish on Season 2, Wild Stunts and the Controversial Finale

When ‘V’ returns from a short break 9PM ET Tuesday, expect a lot of intrigue between alien leader Anna (Morena Baccarin) and FBI agent Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) at a swanky party. The two women will finally meet again in Tuesday’s episode, and according to executive producer Steve Pearlman and stars Baccarin and Laura Vandervoort, there are many more twists to come before ‘V’ finishes its second season March 15.

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2x07 Birth Pangs - Elizabeth Mitchell - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews - V Sneak Peek - Video

V 2×04 Unholy Alliance | Reviews

How amazing is Elizabeth Mitchell? Every week she delievers an AMAZING performance, and looks fantastic doing it, too. (I had to throw in a little fangirl over her this week – she looked perfect)

I love the direction that V is headed in, and I hope, hope, HOPE they continue down this path. What a great sci-fi show, I look forward to next week!

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2x04 Unholy Alliance - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews

The sharpest blonds on TV | V Review

More than just a pretty face: The sharpest blonds on TV

Elizabeth Mitchell, “V”
Erica Evans is a top FBI counter-terrorism agent who secretly leads the resistance movement against those evil aliens while simultaneously pretending to protect their brunette leader Anna (Morena Baccarin) as head of a special FBI task force. That’s a lot of roles for a blond to juggle. Erica’s also a single mom, but before you go thinking that makes her soft and squishy, here’s what she says as she tosses a live grenade into the aliens’ breeding pool: “Here’s to your children’s future, Anna!” That’s a pretty evil (and brilliant) thing to say.

Source: MSN | Thanks Snow for the head-up!

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V “Serpent’s Tooth” Advance Review

V “Serpent’s Tooth” Season 2 Episode 2 – I was lucky enough to see the second episode of V before it aired, and I am forever in debt to the nice people over at Warner Bros. since I felt like I was already going through withdrawal from the premiere.

“Serpent’s Tooth” is another amazing episode of V, and one that lives up (if not surpasses) the second season premiere. From the beginning “Serpent’s Tooth” sucks you in and you have no chance of looking away from your television for the 42 minutes it airs.

Beginning with a conversation between Anna and her mother, we learn exactly why Diana has been in the bowls of the ship for so long. The reasoning ties into Anna’s rule in a much deeper way than I had initially thought, and the outcome of the conversation had me raising both of my eyebrows. It also left me wanting MUCH more between the queen and former queen, but I will wait (semi) patiently and see what occurs between Anna and Diana.

Without giving too much of the plot of “Serpent’s Tooth” away, the episode is also heavy with Ryan and his relationship with his child; and the decisions that he makes in regard to Anna. Suffice to say, Anna has found a way to get under his skin, and will not stop until she has Ryan right where she wants him.

The most exciting part of the episode for me was Erica. All love for Elizabeth Mitchell aside, the things that go on with Erica made me throw my hands up when “Serpent’s Tooth” had ended. It will make you wish that you had the next episode. I know it left me speechless a few times, and actually had me throw up my hands in frustration at one point.

The effects on V are great for a prime time sci-fi show. There was a scene with Anna and Ryan’s baby that made me cringe in the best way possible.

I don’t want to say too much more about “Serpent’s Tooth” because I’m having a hard enough time not spoiling anything for you! Just suffice to say that V remains the best hour of television that I’ve seen in a very long time; and I can’t wait for the rest of season 2!

Source: Demonstv

2x02 Serpent’s Tooth - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Season 2 - V - V Reviews - V Spoilers

V 2×01 Red Rain | Reviews

Watercooler: OMG! V is No Longer MIA!

Anna and her amphibious minions returned on V last night and wow, did those scaly freaks launch Season 2 in fittingly cold-blooded fashion. There were crazy acid-rain nightmares. A hybrid baby that looked like a floating Yoda. A V skeleton. Oh, and there was a death that has got to beat The Bachelor’s “bat wing” body-waxing conversation for grossest moment of the week. In other words, while it wasn’t exactly bliss, the season premiere was pretty great.

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2x01 Red Rain - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews