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V 2×08 | Review by DaemonsTV

V “Uneasy Lies The Head” Season 2 Episode 8 – Phew! So a lot of things happened on V this week! First and foremost, let’s talk about the most important thing that happened in “Uneasy Lies the Head”. Kyle and Erica made with the smoochies! Right on top of a picture of her son and ex-husband, but hey… nothing’s perfect.

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2x08 Uneasy Lies the Head - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews

So Much Sexy This Tuesday! What Got You Hot?

2x08v000000000000101811.jpgIt may still be winter, but the temperature across prime time this Tuesday night was decidedly warm, as a flurry of new pairings got, at the very least, flirty.

I’m about to rattle off a bunch of Tuesday-night spoilers, so unless you’ve seen what you want to see and are comfortable knowing who all pitched woo, turn back now.

At 9, V finally made time for romance (or at least wanton sex), as Erica and Kyle decided to take a break from making war to make love. You can watch that scene here.

You can vote for Erica and Hobbes here!

2x08 Uneasy Lies the Head - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Poll - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews

V 2×08 Uneasy Lies The Head | EW Review

v2x08stillselizabethmitchellHQ_28929.jpgWith two episodes left until probable annihilation, it’s becoming clear that V is probably never going to be a good show. Several creative teams have all tried rebooting the show in different directions: in just 20 episodes, V has been an alarmist political parable, a 24-style espionage thriller, a gory creature feature, and now a Leverage-style heist show. None of these sub-shows have been particularly successful. (If there was a golden age, it was the bloody, lizard-happy episodes that kicked off season 2.) But V still has a secret weapon: Elizabeth Mitchell, who can make the phone book sound compellingly morally ambiguous. So even though I thought last night’s episode was mostly a snooze, I have to admit that it featured one of the best scenes the show’s ever done — a head-spinning kiss that instantly sent the show into the stratosphere.

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2x08 Uneasy Lies the Head - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews

EW review | V 2×07 Birth Pangs

Last night’s episode of V practically felt like a mini-reboot of the whole series. No longer was our beloved rebel gang stuck plotting in the basement. Instead, Erica and Hobbes took an extended espionage vacation, first to Bangkok (where they met with other Fifth Column leaders) and then to Hong Kong (where they pulled an elaborate operation to interrogate a mysterious baby doctor.) Hobbes stole the show here, whether he was showing off his language skills by tossing out some Chinese or initiating some white-hot chemistry with Erica mid-safecrack.

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2x07 Birth Pangs - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Reviews - Season 2 - V - V Reviews