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6 TV Female Characters I Wish I Was Married To If I Was Into Women

As a personal preference, I don’t swing that way. But while most of my celebrity crushes are those of the male variety, that doesn’t mean I don’t watch my favorite shows without having attraction to some pretty awesome female characters.Because let’s be honest – in a world where women are becoming stronger and more powerful, it’s considered pretty amazing to have so many of them to look up to. Last week, I brought you my list of 6 tv male characters that I wished I was married to. This week, I present my list of 6 female tv characters that I wish I was married to. And yes, some were just so awesome that I couldn’t resist bending the rules of the usual criteria yet again to include them.


Just as I have a thing for bad boys, it seems that tough girls make up most of my list. Go figure.

When Juliet was introduced on LOST, she appealed to me in part because of her independence and level-headed nature. She wasn’t just another whiney female who spent her time vying for men’s attention – she was strong, sassy, and she had a certain air about her that was both dangerous and charming.

Juliet was an amazingly complex character, and for a large portion of the series, you couldn’t identify her as being good or evil, something which made her entirely attractive to me. She was proficient in self-defense and gunfire, she could take charge in a face-off, and she always stood up for her beliefs and feelings when it mattered. She was truly the girl who you looked at and found attractive in so many ways.


Yes, Elizabeth Mitchell is so awesome in my book that I had to include two of her characters in this list. I promise, however, that I did not do that intentionally.

I seem to have a thing for female FBI agents, and Erica fits right into that category. A single mother (who also happens to be a fighter for the entire human race against an undeniable alien invasion), Erica is pretty hardcore and intense, especially when she goes after what she wants. She’s passionate about what she cares about – her family and the people she loves in her life – and would go to the ends of the earth to protect them.

And fitting in with a ton of guys? Not a problem. She takes charge in a way that makes people stop and watch, throws down punches, and shoots people with no remorse…I mean, hell, the woman leads an entire human resistance!

Finding the line between who I would actually want to marry versus who I just adored and lusted after was a little hard (hence why my list was long, and why some characters – aka, Olivia Dunham – didn’t make the cut.) But I’ll save my ramblings for another time, as I already have gone on too long.

What are some of your tv “girl crushes” and who would you like to marry? Don’t be shy…we all have our favorites, and I want to hear yours below!

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Top Six Reasons why “V” Should Be Renewed on ABC

Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) is a fantastic heroin.
We love Mitchell in this role of tough FBI agent with a heart. The writers did it right by her and since it’s such a departure from her kind of needy whiney role (which we also loved) on “Lost” it really shows her depth of talent as an actress.

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V On the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

By mid-May, broadcast TV bigwigs will be making tough calls as to which shows will return for the 2011-12 season, and which won’t. To complement TVLine’s “Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament, we’re singling out select “bubble” shows to survey their prospects. The latest series entering our orbit: ABC’s V.


THE TIME SLOT: Tuesdays at 9/8c.

THE CASE FOR KEEPING: There is a compelling TV series to be made about an alien race visiting Earth, ostensibly coming “in peace” yet secretly beholding a nefarious agenda. V, ultimately, could be it, based on the Season 2 finale’s decision to dispatch wholesale with some problematic (or simply annoying) characters and extraneous story elements. FBI agent Erica Evans (played by Elizabeth Mitchell), once blandly diplomatic but newly enraged by the needless death of her ex, should only be more brazen in her counterattacks once she realizes that her son Tyler was turned into an afterglow appetizer by Anna’s (other) daughter. Speaking of the V queen’s offspring, maybe I’m simply a sucker for the Evil Twin gimmick (and/or the idea of Double the Vandervoort!), but giving Anna a malevolent “Lisa 2.0? to replace her sadly humanized predecessor should ratchet up the nasty, provided they do what you are supposed to do with Evil Twins: Play the ol’ switcheroo, lots! One more undeniable arrow in V‘s quiver: Morena Baccarin, whose icy-cold composure as she deals with us pesky humans does send chills down a spine. Let’s just get Anna out of that sterile, CGI’d mothership more often (even if it means depositing her in the show’s unconvincing rendering of “New York City”).

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Vote for V

This is a bad one. I like both shows and I want them back next season! But well my vote is for V of course!



Steel yourselves, sci-fi fans! The final quarterfinal matchup of TVLine.com’s first annual ”Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament involves Fox’s Fringe and ABC’s V, a pair of out-of-this-world thrillers with enthusiastic cult followings.

To warm up for the big showdown, Fringe and V respectively bumped off Outsourced and Off the Map in Round One of our single-elimination competition for 16 on-the-bubble series hoping to score slots on the 2011-2012 primetime calendar.

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V 2×10 Mother’s Day | Reviews

  • “There was the Elizabeth Mitchell factor: She can do no wrong.”  (EW)

  • “To me, this was V‘s finest hour: A twistedly funny, fast-paced good time, which simultaneously gave me what I want (bye-bye, Tyler!) and snatched all my hopes and dreams out from under me (farewell, Jane Badler.) I don’t know if V will return, but if it doesn’t, at least it went out with a bang. Or rather, with a bang, a bite, a crack, and an extremely redemptive SQUELCH.” (EW)

  • “This was an epic episode for this series and I hope to see many more like it in the third season.” (tvfanatic)

  • “The show was a slog until the last few episodes, when it started to turn around. With the addition of Hobbes, the mercenary, and the urge to do something (anything) to stop the Visitors, the show turned around. Adding a well-known genre guest star like Jane Badler helped quite a bit, and under the supervision of Gregg Hurwitz, the show turned around in quality and seemed to find its footing.” (denofgeek)

  • “That’s the first 30 minutes, then, everything goes absolutely mad in a frenzy of action. Just when one moment passed, another better moment of television was upon is. I knew this last episode of V would be great, but I had no idea.

  • Gregg Hurwitz threw everything he had into this episode, offered up more holy shit moments in this hour than in all of the first season, and really did a whole lot of great work in a last-ditch attempt to save the show and get renewed interest for a third season. And based on the incredible cliffhanger he left for us, I really hope that works. “(denofgeek)

  • Going in to this season, there was a promise of more action, more alien reveals and it delivered both of those. But have we seen the last of this show and will it go down in history as yet another series left fans without closure? This finale is sure to launch countless “Save V” campaigns and I, for one, vote that it not end here. With all its bad, there have been glimmers of hope and this finale did set the stage for what can be an interesting third season. With Tyler dead (why did Erica wait this long to tell him about the V’s anyway?) and the human race under bliss, we could have a great showdown between Anna and the Project Ares folks.” (buzzfocus)

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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch V | Review

Ever get tired of your friends telling you that you should watch a certain tv show? Unsure of investing in something you don’t really have the time for? Been there, done that.

While my friends have gotten me into great shows, I can also say that I’ve had my own successes when it comes to suggesting shows that they should tune in for.

I’m a big fan of the current alien invasion series V, despite its flaws (come on, every show has them!) and its short season. As the second season comes to a close with an uncertain future, below you’ll find 5 reasons why you should take the time to tune in on Tuesday night – or (hopefully) next season.

I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Mitchell, and have been since the days of Lost. Not only is she a phenomenal actress who brings so much to whatever role she plays, but I truly believe she makes any show worth watching.

In V, Mitchell portrays a character who is not only a federal agent fighting to save the world from an alien invasion, but who is also a mother dealing with the hardships of a life that includes a divorced husband and a rebellious teenage son. Impressively, Mitchell works these two angles with just the right amount of intensity to be believable, and brings a performance to the show that is unrivaled by other actresses – one that captures my full attention every Tuesday night.

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Expect a cliffhanger in V season finale | Review

And yet, for all its frenetic energy and mock seriousness, V is one of TV’s most arch, funniest thrillers. That’s why it’s so addictive. A terrific cast ensemble -Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, Scott Wolf, and many others -is just one reason why V is easy to watch, and easy to like.

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‘V’ demands full attention | Season Finale airs March 15

As much as I love television, I have a hard time just sitting down and watching a show. I have to be doing something while I’m watching, like posting on Facebook or checking my e-mail.

That is, except when I watch “V.” Because if I turn away for even a second, I could miss something crucial. Tuesdays between 9 and 10 p.m., the TV gets my full attention.

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