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V’s Reviews

ABC’s reboot of V; you know, the alien invasion miniseries on NBC from the 80’s. Well, I haven’t seen that series, so I went into it completely cold. I’ll give my verdict first: a very intriguing, well constructed, and intelligent pilot that has me very interested to see where this series plans to go. Possible spoilers

Firstly, just to clarify for anybody wondering, no, I did not find a pirated copy of the pilot online. I take surveys and occasionally watch TV pilots on a site called UTalkBack.com. On that site, I’ve seen two other shows: a very shitty Amy Smart dramady about an aspiring Congresswoman called See Kate Run and the reality show Shark Tank, which is intriguing at first, but will quickly get old and tiring. This is where I saw the pilot for V in its entirety.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Reviews - V - V Reviews

Looking forward to watch V?

I like the concept, and I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Mitchell’s work as Juliet on Lost, so it will be nice to see her in what appears to be a lead role. Maybe if I had seen the original miniseries and had all these good memories about it like Lucas does, I would be more apprehensive. But since I haven’t seen the original, and since the update looks good, I’ll check it out. Now that 24 and Lost are in hiatus, I’ll need something to watch anyway.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Juliet Burke - Lost - Reviews - V - V Reviews