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Interview | Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin Welcome You to V

New article on “V” with interviews with the cast.

Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin Welcome You to V

US, November 2, 2009 – Walking along the Vancouver backlot where the new V is being shot, Elizabeth Mitchell (best known as Lost‘s Juliet) is noting that when it comes to taking time to promote her new series, “It’s worth it. Most of the time, you want to build the hype so something less than adequate can be put out there and people will swallow it. But in this particular case, we’re like, ‘Just watch it!’ That’s all we really want you to do is actually just turn on your television and watch it, because then you’ll want to watch the next one. You’re going to think it’s good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be out here saying, ‘It’s really good!'”

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V: Smokin’ Hot Ass-Kicking Female Protagonist |

Smokin’ hot ass-kicking female protagonist

Mitchell’s FBI agent Erica Evans is the principal good-guy ass-kicker in this incarnation of the show, a la Faye Grant’s Juliet Parish in the original. (Interesting coincidence: Mitchell plays a character named Juliet on ABC’s sister series Lost.)

“Elizabeth’s in it,” Gretsch says. “I mean, come on, she’s pretty fantastic.”

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ABC’s ‘V’ review: The Visitors have landed, and it is good

Note: Even if I post the reviews of V it doesn’t mean I agree with what they say about Juliet or Lost (mostly I don’t agree at all, I think they don’t even watch Lost, they read something that describes the characters in a very lame way and write about the show). I haven’t seen the V Pilot yet, so I can agree or desagree with what they say about the series. I can just agree about what an amazing actress Elizabeth is!

The reviews usually contain spoilers, so at your own discretion to read them or not.


When I saw some of the first clips for ABC’s “V” (premiering Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 8/7 C), especially the one of Morena Baccarin’s giant face broadcast across the New York skyline, I got worried. That looked kind of cheesy. But “V” is good, actually very good. The pilot is jam-packed, which is a plus and a problem. Like ABC’s other large-ensemble sci-fi-ish drama, “Flash Forward,” “V” could have used another hour for the pilot.

A lot happens in the “V” premiere, which means it’s never boring, but some of the reveals and the landing of the aliens, known as the Visitors or Vs, would have had more impact if drawn out a little more. A few clinking glasses and slopping water later, and the Vs have landed. People actually take it pretty well. There’s panic at first, of course — the sight of massive space ships hovering over the world’s cities will do that — but the Vs (with Baccarin as their mouthpiece, Anna) assure them they’ve come in peace and they have all sorts of nifty gifts. There’s their modern technology, oh and the promise of universal health care, but way better than what anyone on Earth can provide — the Vs can heal all sorts of diseases and ailments.

What “V” does really well is give a few of its main characters back stories and personalities even amid all the action. The most interesting so far are the excellent Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on “Lost”) as FBI Agent Erica Evans, who thinks she’s investigating a terrorist cell, which is kind of true, she just doesn’t realize who they’re working against.Erica’s partner in the crime at the agency is Dale Maddox (Alan Tudyk, “Dollhouse,” “Firefly”), with whom she has a nice, witty work banter going. Mitchell doesn’t play Erica as vastly different as Juliet, but Erica has a whole different outlook on life. She’s happier, lighter and, unlike Juliet, she doesn’t just sit back and hold onto information until she sees which way the wind is going to blow, she acts.

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Pilot Inspektor: An Advance Review of ABC’s “V”

Lost’s superb Elizabeth Mitchell

Coming off of her run as Juliet on Lost, the sensational Elizabeth Mitchell is absolutely captivating here as tough-as-nails Erica Evans, a woman scarred by the breakup of her marriage, emotionally distant towards her son, and driven by her job as a federal agent. It’s impossible not to root for Erica as she kicks down doors, solves crimes, and seriously kicks ass. It’s especially nice to see Mitchell, typically more reactive as Juliet, take a firm, proactive role here. Mitchell and Alan Tudyk make a hell of a team and it’s hard not to jump with joy the first time they appear on screen together at the start of the pilot.

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‘A’ stands for ambitious on ABC this fall

It is about to lose “Lost,” but ABC hardly is losing its drive to find the next big series.

“I think we have to remain ambitious,” ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson told critics this summer. “I think we have only succeeded when we’ve been ambitious and taken chances and really pushed the limits.”

The good news is that ABC not only has the most new programs, but also some of the best new programs.

“V,” 8 p.m. Tuesday, starting Nov. 3: Great-looking aliens led by a beauty named Anna (Morena Baccarin) arrive in 29 cities around the world claiming to spread peace and technology, which wouldn’t lead to much drama. Cast includes Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) as a cynical FBI agent and single mom of a difficult teenager and Scott Wolf as an easily co-opted TV newsman.

You’ll Like It If: You’re a fan of science-fiction shows that send messages about the dangers of being devoted to causes without knowing much about them.

You’ll Hate It If: Sci-fi isn’t your thing, especially when the idea has been done before.

Outlook: The pilot takes a while to get off the ground, primarily because it introduces so many characters. But it has some terrific twists and some timely messages about politics, journalism and religion. Rating: 3 and a half stars (out of 4).

Source: Buffalo News

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“The Excellent Elizabeth Mitchell” | “V” ReViews

‘V’ – Premieres 7 p.m. Nov. 3 on Channel 15 (KNXV)
The cheesy 1980s sci-fi series is back, having been put through the “Lost” and “24” recombobulator machine, with intriguing results: a taut, steely, action-packed pilot episode, in which enormous alien ships arrive and hover menacingly over the world’s 29 largest cities. But everyone remain calm! The aliens – call them “the visitors” – are nice, good-looking and promote a media-friendly message of hope, interstellar cultural exchange and (uh-oh) . . . universal health care?

This is actually a good thing, if “V” follows through on this intriguing counterintuitive vibe. The excellent Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from “Lost”) stars as an FBI counterterrorism agent who is among the first to sense that the aliens are not at all what they seem.

Source: AZCentral

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Must see TV: “V”

Which new TV shows are worth watching?
V (ABC, Nov. 3)
“Gripping and electrifying in equal measure,” Lacob says of this sci-fi show. “With engaging leads such as Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch, it’s difficult not to get swept up by the action and the analogies for our changed world.”


Must see TV!
Back in 1984, there was an awesomely campy mini-series called V. Basically, a group of aliens came to Earth and acted all friendly, but really they were reptilian, mouse-eating conquerors in human suits. Well, guess what’s getting re-made this year on ABC, baby! That’s right: V is back, with some star power, too, in the person of Elizabeth Mitchell, who as you’ll recall beat the holy hell out of that hydrogen bomb at the end of last season of Lost until it blew all the characters back to Season One.
Speaking of Lost: Last season, all mysteries explained, including the smoke monster.

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