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411 Mania Review V 1×02

This episode was a huge step forward for the series. The plot device that anyone could be a Visitor is a great move. This allows Jack and Erica to be suspicious of everyone, and sets up the possibility of shocking reveal at any time. They resistance movement itself is a great plot device that allows them to add more characters every week or whenever they need to. The writing was crisp and flowed nicely, and Erica had some great lines. Erica trying to stay one step ahead of her boss and Angelo exposing Ryan’s major weakness were both perfectly done. The seeker scenes were great little well-done effects scenes.

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What they’re saying about Elizabeth on Twitter

I was a little bored coz’ I have the flue so I made a twitter research on Elizabeth Mitchell. I’ve collected a lot of lines about her, her character on V, Lost and her performance. People just adore her so much. It’s really nice to read all these good responses. 🙂 She deserves the best! So here’s what  I’ve collected (and these are just the messages from the past 3 days)! You can read them after the read more.

Someone asked David Richmond Peck (Gorgie) what is like to work with Elizabeth Mitchell? And he wrote:

She is absolutely fantastic. A solid actor and great person.

Oh I also read some comments about V’s make up. It sucks on Elizabeth. They should stop using too much make up on her.

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BSC Battle | Elizabeth Mitchell: Erica on V or Juliet on Lost

Elizabeth Mitchell plays Juliet on Lost and Erica on V, but which is the cooler character? We all know that Elizabeth as an actress kicks ass, so that is really not up for debate in my camp, but when I think of the two characters she plays it is a tough call. Erica is pretty cool as the FBI agent that is trying to save the world from invasion, but Juliet on Lost has just done it all. What are your thoughts?

Source: BSC

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Great Review for Elizabeth on V

Lost will be nothing without her! 😉 Good for V! 🙂

Tuesday: V
Say hello to Sean Hannity’s favorite new show! We doubt the producers of V intended their silly science-fiction remake of the overly praised 1983 mini-series to be some bastion of right-wing ideology—at its heart, V is likely supposed to be play on post-9/11 fears and terrorism—but that’s just what happened after the unintentionally hilarious pilot featured a charismatic alien leader talking about universal health care and preaching a message of hope. (No truth to the rumor that the V’s, as they’re called, come to earth by way of Kenya.) Politics aside, V is already much more entertaining than ABC’s other “we wish this was actually Lost” series (that would be FlashForward which gets dumber by the week), simply because of Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell. As the F.B.I. agent trying to stop the alien takeover, Ms. Mitchell displays the same combination of chilled intelligence and beguiling warmth that she did as Juliet Burke. She’s such a strong presence, that we actually worry what Lost will be like without her. 

Source: The Observer | Thanks Stef!

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Review | V: “It came from outer space”

“There are a couple of movies I always thought would be fun to do. One is ‘Indiana Jones,’ and the other is the ‘Terminator.’ For me, this character combines a bit of both of those. She’s fighting for the human race and she’s fighting for her son.” says Mitchell.

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V | 1×01 Reviews

Instant verdict, please: What did you think of the first episode of ‘V’?

Okay, if you’re on the East Coast and you’re reading this, chances are you just watched the premiere of V.
Here’s my B+ review to read, so you know where I stand. In brief: I liked it, I thought it had a lot of clever things to say about media cynicism and human-race I thought Elizabeth Mitchell was terse-tough good and Scott Wolf masterful at playing a soulless, ambitious guy with whom we could still identify.
But I’d be very curious to know what you thought, because sci-fi or fantasy shows on major networks are always dicey, sometimes-devisive affairs. For every Lost, there’s a Manimal, know what I mean?
I’m particularly interested in whether you thought the V writers handled the whole here’s-how-America-would-react-to-aliens stuff. Would we really look up in the sky, see a pretty woman with a soothing voice, and burst into applause, or would something NRA-ish in our hearts and minds get stirred up?
Let me know what you think below, please. Thanks.

Source: EW

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