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Old V Review

We came across to this old V review that says nice things about Liz. 🙂

2x03Laid_BareELIZABETHMITCHELL_28429.jpgThe best aspect of the series overall is its cast, with Morena Baccarin giving it her all and playing up Anna’s evil side, until an entertaining turn causes her to develop human emotion.* Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell also have their moments to shine. Mitchell’s arc became more interesting in the second season, as she began to compromise her ethics and became more like Anna.


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20 cancelled TV shows that are ripe for revival on Netflix or Amazon Prime

Who wouldn’t love to have Erica Evans back on screen?

v-1x09_elizabeth_mitchell_28129.jpgYour favourite TV show has finished, and there’s nothing you can do about it. No matter how many angry Tweets you posted, the show was cancelled before the main story arc concluded. You’re furious, you’re sad, but nothing is going to bring back your (TV) baby. Well, maybe not nothing… Almost every cancellation is immediately followed by a ‘bring it back on Netflix’ petition (and Dredd, always Dredd). Fuelled by the fact that it has happened – look at programs like Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development, brought back from the dead thanks to fan demand. Licensing and logistics might not always be on our side, whether it’s an ageing cast or well guarded license, but we can dream can’t we? And some of these might actually happen (Hannibal increasing seems like a matter of time, for example). So here are our top picks for TV shows that Netflix (or indeed anyone) has to bring back.

The TV show: We’re talking the reboot, not the original one, that would make this a revival of a remake. Semantics, bah! Described as a “reimagining” of the ’80s version, the series follows the experiences of FBI agent Erica (played by Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell) as she attempts to figure out what a supposedly friendly alien race who call themselves Visitors really want with Earth. Can you see where it’s headed?

Why Netflix needs to bring it back: That ending. Things were left unresolved but with a distinct “everything’s going to hell” type of vibe for Earth. This definitely irked fans who would have enjoyed seeing Erica kick serious extraterrestrial butt. 

source: gamesradar

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EW: “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”: V and Revolution

V and Revolution made into EW top list of 25 “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”.


The alien occupation drama lasted two seasons before getting axed. In its series finale, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) manages to escape the release of the Bliss, the Visitor Queen Anna’s (Morena Baccarin) special telepathic ability to mind-control the masses, only to leave the bunker at the end of the episode to find that everyone above ground has been pacified, and that more alien motherships are on their way. Like The Event, V ended with a promise of an epic war between the underground humans and the Visitors, but that never made it to the screen. —Shirley Li

Cancelling V was actually a crime. Still not over it! Just imagine how amazing Elizabeth could have been when Erica found out about her son’s death. They stole that performance from us! So glad there’s a woman as president on ABC now and the one who axed V is no longer there.


Although NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama waned in viewership and quality during its second season, that doesn’t make Revolution‘s lingering cliffhangers any less painful. The nanotech that had been responsible for leaving the world without power was slowly taking over and causing people to see visions of their loved ones telling them to travel to Bradbury, Idaho. The finale ended with a shot of Bradbury, Idaho seeing power restored and crowds of people walking toward the light. (True, a 4-part comic was released this summer to give some conclusion, but it’s not quite the same as a season 3.) —Dalene Rovenstine

The comics were horrible. They killed Rachel and Miles had a child with another woman. Unacceptable! Rachel deseved better, but writers never understood that.  The cliffhanger was so much better.

Anyway Erica and Rachel were both terrific. Liz always chooses to play amazing roles and converts them into the most incredibly unique women. We are so proud of her!

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12 leaders we’d follow into battle against the aliens: Erica Evans

Happy 4th of July to all our american readers! As today is Indipendence Day, we found this article about Erica Evans and aliens invasion. Nice! 😉

12 leaders we’d follow into battle to fight for independence from aliens

As we head into Independence Day, it’s a good time to sit back and think about all the great sci-fi warriors who have fought for our freedom over the years. So who would we want leading the charge against alien invaders?
There are a lot of options out there, but a few leaders have proven their mettle time and time again when it comes to facing off with everything from skitters to body-snatching baddies.
As you fire up the grill and get ready to watch some fireworks, let us know who you’d want calling the shots if E.T. came knocking with ill intent.

Erica Evans: V (2009)

For all its faults, this reboot of this sci-fi classic reimagined the concept a bit and gave us Elizabeth Mitchell’s ass-kicking version of Erica Evans. She battled the Vs all the way until the series’ cancellation, and kept her wits about her even when the whole world thought the Vs were just here to help.

Source: Blastr

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Will networks ever wrap up story lines of ‘V’ and ‘The Event’?

http://static.deseretnews.com/images/article/sidebar/538265/Charles-Mesure-and-Elizabeth-Mitchell-starred-in.jpgQ: With the cancellation of “V” and “The Event,” are we to imagine the ending, or will they ever present an ending to these two shows?

A: I would recommend you give your imagination a workout. There has been talk about an “Event” miniseries to wrap up that NBC series’ story line, but the most lively talk involved it being picked up by NBC’s corporate sibling, Syfy, and that speculation was later shot down.

“V,” meanwhile, is one of those shows where I would never say never. Although ABC has no plans for a wrap-up, it’s a concept that began with miniseries in 1983 and 1984, became a weekly series later in 1984-85, and was revived in 2009 as a weekly series. The series continued into 2010 and was brought back for a second season in 2011 before ABC dropped it. There’s been enough ongoing interest that I could see at least a TV movie to continue the present run, although there is nothing definite at this writing.

That said, this overall issue of unresolved serials comes up just about every TV season. Audiences are drawn to some serialized shows. “The Event,” for example, aimed at the “Lost” audience after that show ended. But if the audience is not large enough to satisfy the show’s network, then it may be canceled before all the plot threads are tied up.

Source: Desert News

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V on TNT? Fans rally to save illegal aliens!

With Warner’s ”V” being cancelled by ABC after 2 seasons and 23 episodes, fans have started a letter writing campaign to save the show by getting it picked up by TNT which is also a subsidiary of Time Warner.

www.ilanasvsite.com is spearheading this campaign named “Project Alice” :

“Project Alice’s goal has always been to get V renewed for a third season, no matter which network. Now that ABC has cancelled V, it’s time to continue our plea to Warner Bros. to shop V to other interested parties.”

With TNT giving Steven Spielberg’s ”Falling Skies” a two season commitment, this may prove to be the right fit to save ”V”. Let’s face it, sci-fi shows have rarely fared well on the Big 3 networks. But on other networks such as the CW, FOX and Sy FY, shows such as ”The X-Files”, ”Battlestar Galactica”, ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, ”Angel” and ”Smallville” found an audience and enjoyed successful runs.

“V” is a brand name and does have a loyal following and I believe that on basic cable has the elements to be successful.

With a creatively strong second season, ”V” original Marc Singer appearing on the season/series finale and show runner Scott Rosenbaum promising a more action-oriented third season, there is a strong case to save ”V”.

Source: moviehole

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10 TV Shows That Shouldn’t Have Been Cancelled: V

V is number 2 among Syfy’s list of 10 TV Shows that shouldn’t have been cancelled.

2. V (2010)
V is an interesting case, because the cancellation actually improves an already good show. No, seriously, it gives the series a memorable dark ending. Instead of having a silly and unbelievable happy ending, or fading away randomly, it’s a tale of a doomed resistance and the last days of humanity. It has that rarity, a realistically bleak ending, which even Battlestar Galactica didn’t really get. That’s a good thing, though it would have been nice to have another season or two beforehand.

Source: syfy

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Now that ‘V’ is canceled, what should Elizabeth Mitchell do next?

Like an adorable child forced by love and honor to shoot the beloved family dog that has gone mad from rabies, ABC has finally canceled V. I can’t say I’m too unhappy about the end of the alien-invasion reboot. The show didn’t really have much going for it, besides a completely insane series finale that hilariously killed half the main cast. More importantly, the show’s demise gives series standout Elizabeth Mitchell the chance to find another job on a different TV show. Mitchell was by far the best thing about V, and it seems like she’d be a great addition to any TV series. But what would you like to see Elizabeth Mitchell do next?

Part of me wants to see Mitchell hop into an already-successful show that could benefit from her playfully terse style. I’d love to see her join her old Lost castmate Daniel Dae Kim on Hawaii Five-0, a fun lark that could use a stronger female presence. (Come on, who doesn’t want to see Boomer and Juliet team up against the Five-0 boys’ club?) Conversely, Mitchell has usually been the funniest person on resolutely non-funny shows, so maybe her next move would be to take the Rob Lowe path into comedy. Perhaps she could be a nemesis for Jules on Cougar Town, or the head of an opposing study group on Community? (Wouldn’t she be a great Office boss?)

In my ideal world, Mitchell could get a role on the second season of AMC’s The Killing or The Walking Dead — both shows seem like good fits for the actress. (She lives around Seattle, and The Killing is set in Seattle. Just sayin’.) But you could also argue that the lady deserves her own freaking show, already — perhaps a gritty FX-style serial-procedural like Justified, or a resolutely non-gritty USA-style procedural quirkfest.

What would you like to see Elizabeth Mitchell do next, PopWatchers?

Source: EW

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