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Interview with Elizabeth and Rosenbaum

This article contains spoilers!

V Pulls Back the (Lizard) Layers in Season 2

When ABC’s V returns for its second season, the days of sitting around waiting for the Visitors to get the upper hand are over. Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and the ragtag group of resistance fighters called the Fifth Column are on the offensive.

Season 1 followed FBI agent Evans, often the moral compass of the Fifth Column. The group, however, was small, and their journey was slow and arduous. Because of the ethical lines Erica refused to cross, she often kept the group from waging the war that should’ve begun in Season1.

When Season 2 kicks off (Tuesday, 9/8c), the series will dive right into the action with the introduction of a global Fifth Column, who take radical measures to ensure humanity’s safety. On top of that, we’ll finally learn more about the Visitors, including why they’re really here and what they were doing before they went public. Hint: Erica Evans now has a real reason to be angry.

“We needed there to be a reason why she would be so ruthless, which she does become,” Mitchell says. “I think she’s going to have to cross the line a lot. She’s passed the point of redemption and that makes for a really dark season.”

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V’s hiatus part of a master plan

LOS ANGELES — The bizarre scheduling of V is all part of a master plan that’s as simple as enslaving the human race.
That’s the contention of Scott Rosenbaum, executive producer of V, who was asked why the series aired only four episodes last November after a big publicity launch. V will air a catch-up clips show Tuesday on ABC and A, setting up a new batch of eight episodes that begins on Tuesday, March 30.
“A lot of people don’t know this, but this hiatus, the way the show went off the air, was actually something that was done purposefully,” Rosenbaum said.
“In the fall it’s very crowded, you have all these new shows coming. So how do you market? How do you sell a show to make it stand out from the bunch?
“The idea was to do three different chapters, do four, then another four, then another four. It would be this sort of event programming, which is a throwback to the ’80s. But ultimately, that was just a design to launch the show. The long-term plan is for it to run like a regular series.”



V - V Hiatus

ABC says: “it always intended to air ‘V’ in chapters”

Hello guys, I finally got my connection back. Yes, it happened again. è_é I hope everybody is fine! 20 days left for knowing the truth about our favourite character, but here’s an update about V:

Fans of ABC’s sci-fi series FlashForward and V have been concerned both with the network’s decision to delay both shows’ spring returns until March and with whether the network continues to have confidence in them, but ABC Entertainment Group President Stephen McPherson assured reporters on Tuesday that he has a clear plan for building both shows’ audiences, with two different strategies.

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V Filming Schedule

They will shoot V from January 25 to April 23, so they’re not shooting V right now.

Production Chart

Production Chart

V - V Hiatus

V Production starts back on January 4

Cast and Crew are heading back to the set next week when they start back in Production on the 4th January 2010 for the remainder of Season One.. There has been more crew staff added to the Production team recently which will give us a new feel to the series.. Episode 1.05 will air on ABC on the 30th March 2010..

Source: Spoiler TV

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V Teams with Lost | Elizabeth Mitchell Tuesdays

ABC makes new plans for their genre TV series.

December 4, 2009 – When V ran its last episode, ABC had a promo at the end saying the series would return in March. The network now has set the specific date for the show, and while it’s still in March, it’s barely so – March 30th.
That will keep V on Tuesday nights, but the show will now be airing at 10:00pm – right after Lost. That’s right, it’ll often be Elizabeth Mitchell Tuesdays, as both her series (while no longer a regular, she’s expected to make several appearances on Lost‘s final season) will run on the same network, on the same night, back-to-back.

Juliet, meet Erica. Erica, meet Juliet. If you’re an Elizabeth Mitchell fan (and we at IGN TV are), Tuesday nights are for you

The notable mid-season break for V has been known (and debated) for some time now, but ABC has surprised viewers by also now announcing a big break for FlashForward
That series ran its final episode of the year this week, but instead of returning with new episodes next month, as originally expected, FlashForward will also be off the air until March. New episodes will begin airing Thursday, March 4.

ABC touts that holding both series until March will allow both to run uninterrupted for the remainder of the season – but obviously fans will still bemoan going so long between new episodes.

Source: IGN

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