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EW: “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”: V and Revolution

V and Revolution made into EW top list of 25 “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”.


The alien occupation drama lasted two seasons before getting axed. In its series finale, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) manages to escape the release of the Bliss, the Visitor Queen Anna’s (Morena Baccarin) special telepathic ability to mind-control the masses, only to leave the bunker at the end of the episode to find that everyone above ground has been pacified, and that more alien motherships are on their way. Like The Event, V ended with a promise of an epic war between the underground humans and the Visitors, but that never made it to the screen. —Shirley Li

Cancelling V was actually a crime. Still not over it! Just imagine how amazing Elizabeth could have been when Erica found out about her son’s death. They stole that performance from us! So glad there’s a woman as president on ABC now and the one who axed V is no longer there.


Although NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama waned in viewership and quality during its second season, that doesn’t make Revolution‘s lingering cliffhangers any less painful. The nanotech that had been responsible for leaving the world without power was slowly taking over and causing people to see visions of their loved ones telling them to travel to Bradbury, Idaho. The finale ended with a shot of Bradbury, Idaho seeing power restored and crowds of people walking toward the light. (True, a 4-part comic was released this summer to give some conclusion, but it’s not quite the same as a season 3.) —Dalene Rovenstine

The comics were horrible. They killed Rachel and Miles had a child with another woman. Unacceptable! Rachel deseved better, but writers never understood that.  The cliffhanger was so much better.

Anyway Erica and Rachel were both terrific. Liz always chooses to play amazing roles and converts them into the most incredibly unique women. We are so proud of her!

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V: 15 Canceled Shows You Want to Bring Back

V: 15 Canceled Shows You Want to Bring Back
TV Guide asked its users which canceled shows they want to bring back on TV. V is among the 15 series people wish to be still on air.

11. V

Hey, it worked once before! The short-lived ABC drama was itself a remake of cult-favorite 1980s series, V. Unfortunately, the new version never found a large audience, and the show ended after a shortened second season on a bit of a downer: almost all of the humans were mindlessly being controlled by “the Bliss” and a host of alien Visitors’ ships stood ready to enslave all of humanity. We guess our users want to see Erica’s one-woman charge to a happy ending.

You can vote for V on TV Guide

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Latest news about Elizabeth

For those of you who were on vacation in the past months, we thought it would be useful to update the site with what happened lately.

After ABC cancelled V, all the actors got new projects to work on, but Elizabeth took a break.

MB_and_Eliz_Mitchell_in_ATN.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Answers_to_Nothing_CarLost_004.jpg

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Will networks ever wrap up story lines of ‘V’ and ‘The Event’?

http://static.deseretnews.com/images/article/sidebar/538265/Charles-Mesure-and-Elizabeth-Mitchell-starred-in.jpgQ: With the cancellation of “V” and “The Event,” are we to imagine the ending, or will they ever present an ending to these two shows?

A: I would recommend you give your imagination a workout. There has been talk about an “Event” miniseries to wrap up that NBC series’ story line, but the most lively talk involved it being picked up by NBC’s corporate sibling, Syfy, and that speculation was later shot down.

“V,” meanwhile, is one of those shows where I would never say never. Although ABC has no plans for a wrap-up, it’s a concept that began with miniseries in 1983 and 1984, became a weekly series later in 1984-85, and was revived in 2009 as a weekly series. The series continued into 2010 and was brought back for a second season in 2011 before ABC dropped it. There’s been enough ongoing interest that I could see at least a TV movie to continue the present run, although there is nothing definite at this writing.

That said, this overall issue of unresolved serials comes up just about every TV season. Audiences are drawn to some serialized shows. “The Event,” for example, aimed at the “Lost” audience after that show ended. But if the audience is not large enough to satisfy the show’s network, then it may be canceled before all the plot threads are tied up.

Source: Desert News

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V staff writer about V cancellation

Clark Perry, a V staff writer, wrote this message on his blog about V cancellation:

ABC has officially cancelled V. We hate to end the saga on such a game-changing cliffhanger, but them’s the breaks.

After being on the viewer-fan end of many an unfair cancellation (hello Firefly, Karen Sisco, Threshold, etc.), it’s interesting and enlightening to be on the creative side for a change. No matter what the show’s about, or who’s involved, it all comes down to money. And while V did respectable numbers and gave the network one of its few shows with a strong male viewership, it was in the end too expensive to continue.

While I can see the reasoning clearly from the other side, it’s no less frustrating to experience. There were so many cool tales left to tell. We’d opened up a new world of stories that would’ve been fun to explore. Now we’ll never see Erica shattered and vengeful over her murdered son. We’ll never find out what Bliss is doing to the troubled soul of Father Jack. And we’ll never see the all-out global war as humans use every weapon they’ve got to take back their planet.

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Interview with Joel Gretsch about V cancelation

Recalls ‘Tough Ride’ to Cancellation, Weighs In on Possible Wrap-Up Movie

http://www-tvline-com.vimg.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Vjoelliz_300110615065535.jpgSeeing as none of the stars of ABC’s V had gone out and booked “second position” (aka back-up plan) pilot roles this spring, you can imagine that news of the show’s ultimate cancellation was quite a gut-punch.

“It was a tough ride,” Joel Gretsch, who played Father Jack, shared with TVLine at 2nd Annual SAG Foundation Golf Classic. “We were in the middle ground, and we didn’t know which way it was going to go. We were down to the wire, so we couldn’t really go on to something else.”

Costars Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin said as much in March interviews with TVLine, indicating that the prospects for the show looked good enough that no one was hot to hedge their bets with pilot bookings.

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Which show could Elizabeth join?

It seems that fans are not the only one who’s trying to cast Elizabeth in every other series. This is another article about what Elizabeth could play. Personally we’d rather see her in her own show, but pilots are already filmed this season (thank you, ABC) and unless she has the same chance of Morena Baccarin, she can’t have her own series now. So she could join another show for one year. If you could pick one, what would you like it to be? Zap2ti chose CSI.

The news that Laurence Fishburne is leaving “CSI” after two-plus seasons took a lot of people by surprise — but it could end up being an opportunity for the show to reinvent itself a little bit.

Elizabeth Mitchell: Intelligence? Check. Ability to be flinty when called for? Check. Someone who deserves a lead role in a series? Check and check.

Source: zap2it

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V on TNT? Fans rally to save illegal aliens!

With Warner’s ”V” being cancelled by ABC after 2 seasons and 23 episodes, fans have started a letter writing campaign to save the show by getting it picked up by TNT which is also a subsidiary of Time Warner.

www.ilanasvsite.com is spearheading this campaign named “Project Alice” :

“Project Alice’s goal has always been to get V renewed for a third season, no matter which network. Now that ABC has cancelled V, it’s time to continue our plea to Warner Bros. to shop V to other interested parties.”

With TNT giving Steven Spielberg’s ”Falling Skies” a two season commitment, this may prove to be the right fit to save ”V”. Let’s face it, sci-fi shows have rarely fared well on the Big 3 networks. But on other networks such as the CW, FOX and Sy FY, shows such as ”The X-Files”, ”Battlestar Galactica”, ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, ”Angel” and ”Smallville” found an audience and enjoyed successful runs.

“V” is a brand name and does have a loyal following and I believe that on basic cable has the elements to be successful.

With a creatively strong second season, ”V” original Marc Singer appearing on the season/series finale and show runner Scott Rosenbaum promising a more action-oriented third season, there is a strong case to save ”V”.

Source: moviehole

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