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AssignmentX Interview with Elizabeth about Revolution, Lost and V

This is an interview from TCA (January 2013) but they’ve just released that.

Elizabeth Mitchell fights the militia and Monroe

On NBC’s REVOLUTION, renewed for a second year and now coming to the end of its first season Monday nights at 10, electrical power has been gone from the world for fifteen years. In the series created by Eric Kripke, this means things are tough all over, but Elizabeth Mitchell’s character Rachel Matheson has had an especially hard time. Her family has believed her to be dead for over a decade, she’s just spent four years as a prisoner of would-be world conqueror Monroe (David Lyons), her son Danny (Graham Rogers) has been killed and she’s having a rocky relationship with daughter Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos).

In contrast, actress Mitchell – Juliet Burke on LOST, more recently human freedom fighter Erica Evans on V and Santa Claus’ spouse in THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 and 3 – says she’s having a blast enacting Rachel’s travails. At an event set up by ABC for the Television Critics Association, Mitchell, born in Los Angeles and raised in Texas, talks about playing an embattled woman in an era of crisis.

AX: Is there anything you do differently when you’re playing somebody who’s in a slightly altered world than somebody who’s in the reality that we’re living in now?

ELIZABETH MITCHELL: I try to always just be aware of what’s going on. I’m such a reactive actor – I just react to what’s around me. It’s an easy job for me if I have great people. I just listen and react. That’s pretty much my thing. So yeah, this world, it creates a completely different [environment] – you’re more protective of yourself, you’re more guarded.

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V: 15 Canceled Shows You Want to Bring Back

V: 15 Canceled Shows You Want to Bring Back
TV Guide asked its users which canceled shows they want to bring back on TV. V is among the 15 series people wish to be still on air.

11. V

Hey, it worked once before! The short-lived ABC drama was itself a remake of cult-favorite 1980s series, V. Unfortunately, the new version never found a large audience, and the show ended after a shortened second season on a bit of a downer: almost all of the humans were mindlessly being controlled by “the Bliss” and a host of alien Visitors’ ships stood ready to enslave all of humanity. We guess our users want to see Erica’s one-woman charge to a happy ending.

You can vote for V on TV Guide

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