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V And Revolution | Green Screen For Personalized Promos

These are two videos (unfortunately there’s no audio) Elizabeth shot for personalized promos of V and Revolution. They are wonderful, expecially the one for V because it’s very long and Liz makes a lot of funny faces, she is flirty with the camera and smiles/laughs a lot. She is very pretty! 🙂 Oh she even dances a little bit. She’s so funny! Watch them!

Thanks so much ashok0 & GodsGirl1989 for these amazing videos!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Revolution - V - Video

V Is On TV

elizabethmitchellv2x07hqbts_28329.jpgHey everyone they are airing V on TV in USA. It’s on a channel called ElRey (number 341) on DirectTV.

It’s already into season 2, but if you have never watched this show, you definitely should.

Erica Evans is one of the best characters ever. Elizabeth is incredible! The show is a must watch and you should also have it in your collection. Totally worth it!

Thanks so much Sandra for this info!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - V

V Reunion: Charles Mesure joins Dead of Summer

v 1x10 hearts and souls elizabeth mitchell (6).jpgCharles Mesure joins “Dead of Summer”. It’s not really Liz related but since this is gonna be a V reunion, yeah… it’s a great news!!!

Fans of the short-lived alien drama V will be treated to a mini-reunion later this year: Charles Mesure will join his onetime castmate Elizabeth Mitchell on Freeform’s upcoming Dead of Summer.

Created by Once Upon a Time bosses Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis and Ian Goldberg, the 1980s-set horror-drama takes place at Camp Clearwater, a seemingly idyllic Midwestern summer camp, which quickly turns into “unforgettable scares and evil at every turn.” (TVLine’s Matt Mitovich served as an early consultant on the project.)

Per our sister site Deadline, Mesure will appear as a small-town sheriff who loves his peaceful community and is not pleased when things at the camp go awry. As previously reported, Mitchell will play Deb, Camp Stillwater’s new owner, who has a potentially dark reason for wanting control of the grounds.

Of course, Mesure and Mitchell have also both appeared on Once — he as the pirate Black Beard and she as the Frozen arc’s Snow Queen. They join a Dead of Summer cast that includes Elizabeth Lail (who played Once‘s Princess Anna), Mark Indelicato (Ugly Betty), Zelda Williams (Teen Wolf), Paulina Singer (Gotham) and Ronen Rubinstein (Orange Is the New Black).

Source: TV LINE

Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - V

Video Interview with Elizabeth by Seriz

This is another interview Elizabeth did in Paris. She talks about Carine and Crossing Lines, but also mentions “The Purge 3”, The Snow Queen (“Once Upon A Time”), Juliet (“Lost”) and Erica (“V”).

Paris 2016 Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell


Elizabeth would like to play Supergirl or a superhero, so what can we do about it? 🙂

Translation of the French part of the interivew made by Pinoche29 (Thank you so much!!!):

Interviewer : Elizabeth, Hello.
Elizabeth Mitchell : Hello, how are you ?
I : I’m good, and you ?
EM nods
I : Do you speak French ?
EM : A little bit
I : You character Carine Strand takes over the direction of the team after Louis Daniel’s death, what differences does she bring to the ICC?
EM : – (English part)
I : It’s not the first time that we can see you playing an agent, we remember you from the series V. How did you work this part for the series Crossing Lines ?
EM : – (English part)
I : Did you have fun making this series ?
EM : – (English part)
I : I understood !! ((What she said in English))
EM : *laugh* (Well done, good.) Me too!! ((She understood what he said in French))
I : How have you been placed on that project, did you watch the previous seasons ?
EM : – (English part)
I : We saw you in many American productions, this one is European, is it really different?
EM : – (English part)
I : We’re going to talk about your career. Out of all the characters that you played in TV series, which one do you prefer ?
EM : – (English part)
I : You are soon going to be on cinema. Do you prefer TV series or movies?
EM : – (English part)
I : Do you have time to watch series?
EM : – (English part)
I : Is there a character who left a mark on you, as a viewer and second question.. is there a character in a TV series that you would have liked to play?
EM : – (English part)

Source: Seriz | Thanks so much Pinoche29 for the headup!

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - The Purge 3 - V - Video

Reboots and Revivals TV Lines Wish List: V

v_1x11_elizabeth_mitchell_28129.JPGThe TV industry seems to be all about remakes and revivals right now. So TVLine invited some of the small screen’s top producers and stars to share the shows they’d like to see get second chances at life.

Laura Vandervoort (Bitten): “It’d be nice if V came back to tie up all the loose ends from our show. We did one season and left it as a cliffhanger. We got cancelled before we got to really tie up everything.”

Having back “V” with the same cast and the same characters would be amazing. The ass-kicking Erica Evans on our screens again?! Oh yeah, please!!! Make it happen!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Projects - V

Charles Mesure about Liz

On April 17 Charlie posted a nice comment about Liz on his twitter. 🙂

We updated the page about what Liz’s castmates say about her with more quotes by LOST & V actors and also added a category in the gallery with caps of their tweets. More will be added asap. 🙂 Oh and don’t forget you can also find videos about what costars say about Liz in the video archive. 🙂

Source: Charles Mesure

Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - V