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Latest news about Elizabeth

For those of you who were on vacation in the past months, we thought it would be useful to update the site with what happened lately.

After ABC cancelled V, all the actors got new projects to work on, but Elizabeth took a break.

MB_and_Eliz_Mitchell_in_ATN.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Answers_to_Nothing_CarLost_004.jpg

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Good Morning America – Transcription of the video

Good Morning AmericaGood Morning America – Transcription of the video

GMA: You’re looking at Elizabeth Mitchell, in a scene from “v,” the sci-fi story about human fighting aliens. She plays an F.B.I agent, Erica Evan, risking her life to get to fight the invaders.

Was that pretty good?

EM: Really good, you made it sound so really good. I liked that. That was very good.

GMA: “V” is for visitors, right?

EM: “V,” is for visitors. Or victory. Depending on what show…yes, but absolutely.

GMA: So you’ve been on “v,” and “LOST”. I would love to see your e-mail list.

EM: My e-mail list is pretty good. I have a password on my phone because I’m afraid it will get stolen. I have assumed names for everybody. It’s good.

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