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V: The Complete Second Season – Details and Special features

Edit: Another article added, click on read more. There will be an hour of exclusive Blu-ray special features. Finally GAG REEL!!!

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Warner Bros. has announced V: The Complete Second Season for Blu-ray on October 18th. The final season produced before the show’s cancellation, this set features 10 episodes spread across two BD-50 discs with DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 tracks.

ABC’s V was a re-imagining of the 1983 sci-fi miniseries of the same name. It told the story of a technologically advanced alien species who arrive on Earth with false claims of peace. The show’s second season sees the world pushed to the brink of war as the Vs’ (Visitors) true intentions are revealed. The series featured appearances from Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), Morris Chestnut (Boyz n the Hood), Laura Vandervoort (Smallville) and Scott Wolf (Go).

Special features for V: The Complete Second Season will include:

  • The Arc of the Story: Mining the Human EmotionV‘s writers and actors comment on the journey of the second season of V.
  • A Visual Masterpiece for the Small Screen– Featurette on how the cinematic look of the series was created.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

V: The Complete Second Season has been priced at $49.99. Pre-orders are now up on Amazon (on amazon the price is $34.99).

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DVD Review | V: The Complete First Season

Elizabeth Mitchell leads the ensemble as Erica Evans, and I’m glad to see her here. She’s been out there in mostly supporting roles for quite awhile, and I first took real notice of her in her villainous part in the movie “Running Scared” and then when she came to Lost, she certainly added quite a bit to the show’s mystique. Here she gets to run the lead as an FBI Agent, mother and resistance leader all rolled into one. She looks terrific and she’s got the proper authority to carry this part.

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V Season 1 on DVD | Review

V: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (2009, Warner, unrated, $40) — Based on the ’80s miniseries, this sleekly entertaining sci-fi thriller re-acquaints audiences with “the Visitors,” aka aliens who ominously park their mammoth spaceships over 29 cities. Led by Anna (Morena Baccarin), the V’s talk a good game but they secretly harbor nasty takeover plans. “Lostie” Elizabeth Mitchell is sublime as the FBI agent who uncovers the truth about the Visitors and heads up a dogged resistance group. Mitchell’s face-offs with Baccarin are among the show’s most scintillating moments. Extras: handful of featurettes, deleted scenes, bloopers and commentaries.

Source: North Jersey

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V DVD Box Set’s Review

They come in peace, and Tuesday they come home: the complete first season of ABC’s new V is released on Blu-Ray and DVD this week. I have an early look at the DVD edition for you today.

The Show

I suppose I have to start with a confession: I’ve never seen one minute of the original V. It never interested me. Though I suppose I’ve made things somewhat even by never having watched this incarnation until I opened these DVDs. This one actually did interest me, if only because Joel Gretsch (Taken, The 4400) is in the cast, but for various reasons it’s remained “that show I skipped the press room for at Comic-Con because I managed to work myself to exhaustion.”

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