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Transcription of the Music Fashion Magazine’s interview

I made a transcription of the Music Fashion Magazine‘s interview.

I know you have been talking about this none stop recently, but let’s start off with V. What is in store for your character next season? I hear there are rumors of possible romance. Why would a romance be an important element to the show?
My character is more fun for me this year, more active… tougher. There is a little bit more humor, which I crave. Romance and passion are vital for life and television and with all the gorgeous people on the show to choose from, I can’t really lose. I do throw someone up against a wall… without the intention of killing them… yet.

How has the show changed and evolved since the beginning?
I really think the first season was a great set up for what we’re doing now. We had to create a world and set up lives. We did. Now we get to play.

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