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The good Father | Interview with Joel Gretsch

It contains spoilers.

The sci-fi series “V” — which returns early next month — offers one of the rarest sights on TV: a heroic priest.

Priests on TV are, these days, child molesters or behind-the-collar schemers. It’s only natural considering recent headlines. But “V” having a heroic priest a as one of its main characters? That makes Father Jack Landry practically one of kind in prime time. The novelty is not lost on Joel Gretsch, the actor who plays Father Landry.
“I grew up in a small town in Minnesota,” says Gretsch, “and there was a seminary — the biggest one in the country — about six miles from there. I’d go to leadership camp there every summer.

“I was around a lot of priests who were very influential in my life in an extraordinary way.”
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