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Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell from V and Lost

It mights contain spoilers, I haven’t finished to read it yet.

Elizabeth Mitchell is one of those actresses that has a way of drawing you in. On Lost, Juliet became such a beloved character that I would venture to say was probably just as popular as the Oceanic 6. She now plays Erica Evans on V, where she doubles as an FBI Agent and a leader of the 5th Column (the resistance movement against the Vs). Whatever the role she takes on, Elizabeth Mitchell is just brilliant. I recently had the chance to speak with her and we talked about the upcoming Erica/Anna showdown, the similarities and differences between Erica and Juliet and her favorite moments from filming Lost. (We even chatted a little bit about our golden retrievers!) And while she could share next to nothing about the way Lost ends, we talked about her time there and if she was happy with the way her story ended.

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V | Tonight’s Episode Preview

It contains spoilers!

Tonight’s episode of “V” brings together two unstoppable forces of nature.

With only two episodes remaining before the end of the season, ABC’s sci-fi drama “V” has been quietly building to an ultimate showdown between Visitor High Commander Anna (Morena Baccarin) and FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell).

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V | Interviews with Laura Vandervoort – Laura about Liz

The interview contains spoilers for the upcoming episodes. Laura also talks about Erica and Tyler, so we thought it’s an interesting reading.

This is the part about Liz:

IGN: Because your characters are so separated, we haven’t seen you with people like Joel [Gretsch] or Morris [Chestnut]. Are you looking forward to getting to work with more of your cast, as time goes on?

Vandervoort: Definitely. I actually, in the next episode, will be working with Elizabeth [Mitchell] again, which I enjoyed thoroughly. She and I had that scene a couple of episodes ago where Tyler’s not there, and that was fun. She and I never get to work together like that. And in the next episode, it’s a very different situation that she and I are in together. But it’s such a large cast and I can’t wait to work with everyone. It’s going to take until Season 2 or 3 for me to eventually get around to working with the entire cast, because storylines have to make sense. I did have a slight scene with Scott Wolf, but it’s just him and I silent in the same scene, so it was kind of funny.


In the episode, Lisa is found with her legs broken and a “V” symbol carved into her cheek. It took a couple of hours to do the prosthetics work for these scenes, says Vandervoort. “That was exciting for me, because it let her look weaker, and doing scenes with Elizabeth [Mitchell] was great,” she says. “It was a very emotional scene.”

Full interviews after the break.

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