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EW TV Season Finale Awards

Best Non Romantic Cliff-hanger

5. TIE: Red sky on V; Walker caravan car accident, Brothers & Sisters

Best Kiss

Jack and Kate, Lost

Though the Sawyer-and-Juliet delegation was passionate, Jack and Kate took the title by 78 votes.

2. Sawyer and Juliet, Lost

Top Tissue Moment

Jack’s death, with Vincent lying beside him

The dog put Jack’s passing over the top — by 12 votes.
2. The entire finale, Lost
3. Charlie and Claire’s reunion, Lost
4. Jack and friends ”move on,” Lost
5. Sawyer and Juliet’s reunion, Lost

Source: EW

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V Red Sky’s Reviews

Does V stand for Visitor? Is it Victory? Or even Vengeance?

That seems to be the question pondered by the season finale of ABC’s sci-fi drama “V,” recently renewed for a second season. Although the series won’t return until midseason (at the earliest, November), the writers left us with quite a few cliffhangers to think about in the meantime as alliances fractured, sides were taken, and a new threat to the planet was unleashed by a vengeful Anna, in the throes of her first real human emotion.

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IGN’s Interview

V: Anna and Erica Answer IGN Readers’ Questions
Morena Bacarrin and Elizabeth Mitchell, plus Executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum, give us their insight on the series.

With Season 1 of V wrapping up this Tuesday, IGN TV recently was given the opportunity to present questions from you, the IGN readers, to the cast and creators of the sci-fi series. Executive Producer/Showrunner Scott Rosenbaum graciously spent some time responding to a number of your questions, in the process giving many hints at what may happen in Season 2. Note: While ABC isn’t officially announcing their schedule for next season until May 18th, it’s now been fairly widely reported that V is going to be coming back, and Rosenbaum will indeed have the opportunity to go forward with the story ideas he alludes to here.

We also were able to get a couple of questions to the two formidable women at the center of V: Morena Baccarin (“Anna”) and Elizabeth Mitchell (“Erica”), who talk about their experiences playing their characters.

Read on to see what they had to say – and don’t forget to watch the V season finale Tuesday, May 18th at 10:00pm ET/PT on ABC.

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TV Guide’s Interview

The interview is spoilering about V. At the end there is something about Lost as well.

V’s Elizabeth Mitchell: “Absolutely No One Is Safe” in the Finale

The season finale of V has arrived (Tuesday, May 18 at 10/9c) and with a title like “Red Sky,” fans of the original miniseries are intrigued by what the oncoming war will bring. TVGuide.com caught up with Elizabeth Mitchell to get the scoop on the finale, including a meet-the-parents dinner where Erica Evans will sit down with Anna (Morena Baccarin) on the mothership. Mitchell also reveals which character is safe amidst all the casualties…

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Boston Herald’s Interview

Fame is not an alien concept for ‘V’ star Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell is a seasoned warrior. She battled Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) on “Lost” and fooled the Dharma Initiative. Now the actress is picking a fight with something not of this world on ABC’s “V.” The first-season finale airs tonight at 10:02 on WCVB (Ch. 5). The network has picked up the show for a second season.

“It is a huge night for us. They have pulled out all the stops,” Mitchell told the Herald during a recent telephone interview from her Bainbridge Island, Wash., home. “There will be casualties on both sides, which is good, but at the same time is heartbreaking.”

In tonight’s episode, Mitchell’s FBI agent Erica Evans finally confronts Morena Baccarin’s devious alien Anna.
Until now Erica has watched Anna recruit humans to her cause.
Mitchell said taking action before now would have been a suicide mission for Erica.

“Even this is pretty risky,” said the 40-year-old mother of one. “We go into this not knowing one way or another.”

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