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Interview with Elizabeth and Rosenbaum

This article contains spoilers!

V Pulls Back the (Lizard) Layers in Season 2

When ABC’s V returns for its second season, the days of sitting around waiting for the Visitors to get the upper hand are over. Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and the ragtag group of resistance fighters called the Fifth Column are on the offensive.

Season 1 followed FBI agent Evans, often the moral compass of the Fifth Column. The group, however, was small, and their journey was slow and arduous. Because of the ethical lines Erica refused to cross, she often kept the group from waging the war that should’ve begun in Season1.

When Season 2 kicks off (Tuesday, 9/8c), the series will dive right into the action with the introduction of a global Fifth Column, who take radical measures to ensure humanity’s safety. On top of that, we’ll finally learn more about the Visitors, including why they’re really here and what they were doing before they went public. Hint: Erica Evans now has a real reason to be angry.

“We needed there to be a reason why she would be so ruthless, which she does become,” Mitchell says. “I think she’s going to have to cross the line a lot. She’s passed the point of redemption and that makes for a really dark season.”

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