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The Purge: Election Year | Reviews And Box Office

We wish we could see this movie so badly but it’s not been released here yet, so we keep reading what people think and how it is going, trying not to get spoilered. We found a few more nice things. 🙂


‘The Purge: Election Year’ Review: The Race For President Just Got Even More Horrifying

After the success of 2013’s low-budget horror thriller The Purge, followed the next year by The Purge: Anarchy, it was inevitable that there would be more in this clever, diabolically cynical and violent series of films that are made for modest cost, but produce big returns.
The Purge: Election Year, a timely title if ever there was one, is the most entertaining of the bunch, and with voter dissatisfaction at an all-time high, you have to think that moviegoers just may be in the mood for a different kind of presidential race than the one that is heating up right now. Who would have guessed that The Purge would provide some of the most exciting political fireworks of the year?
Writer/director James DeMonaco has this formula down pat, but the currency of this edition gives it an added value in addition to sharp production quality that belies the low $10 million budget. Grillo is a terrific leading man, making a credible action hero but not overdoing it. Mitchell is just fine as the Senator, as is Williamson. Ultimately the star of this is really the concept and it makes for a very watchable and durable franchise. Hopefully it doesn’t give the GOP or Democrats any ideas though of purging each other. Things are bad enough.

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You can read more reviews at this page. We also watched this video of people interviewed after seeing the movie and they were very happy about it. 🙂


The_Purge_Election_Year_Box_Office_Elizabeth_MitchellThursday preview results are coming in and The Purge: Election Year got off to a great start, pulling in $3.64 million from 2,343 theaters. This is an improvement over both of the previous films which saw 2013’s The Purge bring in $3.44 million and 2014’s The Purge: Anarchy bring in $2.64 million. This is also ahead of the $3.4 million The Conjuring 2 brought in just a few weeks ago before it went on to open with $40.4 million over the three-day. The big test will be in the Election Year‘s overall Friday number, which will include Thursday’s previews. Should it bring in a little over $16 million we’re definitely looking at a weekend that could hit $30+ million for the three day and perhaps top $40 million for the four-day holiday. As of right now Mojo’s forecast below for the film is looking light.

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The Purge is doing even better than other movies which have more theaters that are showing them. Pretty awesome! HAHA!

The BFG:  3,357 theaters
The Legend of Tarzan: 3,561 theaters
The Purge 3:  2,796 theaters

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Reviews - The Purge 3

Box Office Prediction | The Purge: Election Year

Following Elizabeth for so many years, we know that box office, ratings, money and being famous are not why she decided to be an actress and why she keeps doing it after all these years. One of the reasons why we admire her so much is her true love for this art and the fact that she is always true to herself. Being true to herself means being true to the people who follow her, admire her and love her so much. That doesn’t mean that we are not extremely happy and incredibly proud when we read articles like the one below. We don’t want to repeat what we said a few weeks ago about how we feel about Elizabeth, but these past few weeks with the new show (Dead Of Summer) and a new movie in theaters have been pretty special. So guys, go to see The Purge this weekend.
This woman has an extraordinary talent and an amazingly huge heart that can inspire us all.

UPDATE: New article added. WOOOOW!


‘Purge: Election Year’ Sets Off Fireworks On Thursday Night, Beating ‘BFG’ & ‘Tarzan’

Universal’s/Blumhouse/Platinum Dunes threequel Purge: Election Year scored the most dough last night with $3.64M at 2,343 theaters; the biggest preview night for any Purge movie. This blew away Warner Bros./Village Roadshow’s The Legend of Tarzan which made $2.55M and Disney/Walden Media’s The BFG which grossed $775K.

Even though tracking has both Tarzan and The BFG with an opening in the low $30Ms, some are expecting Purge: Election Year to surprise, and to be the best of the wide entries, despite the fact that it has been tracking in the mid to high $20Ms for four-days. The first two Purge movies have grossed over $201M worldwide. Believe it or not, the fact that it has been a wild election year; that’s one of the touchstones here in regards to the third title’s appeal. The first Purge made $3.44M in previews before surprising June 2013 moviegoers and the industry with a $34M opening (final domestic $64M). The Purge: Anarchy in July 2014 made $2.64M in previews, a slightly smaller opening weekend of $29.8M and more in the end stateside with $72M.

Election Year has the best reviews at 57% rotten out of the horror trilogy, but let’s face it, that genre is the last vestige of critic-proof movies.

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The_Purge_Box_Office_Prediction_Elizabeth_MitchellThree new wide releases are wiggling their way into an already-crowded market, each gunning for big business across the traditionally lucrative Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Finding Dory, however, is setting its sights on a third straight No. 1 finish, likely edging out stiff competition from The Purge: Election Year, the latest entry in Universal’s wildly popular genre series. Warner Bros. is opening its expensive Legend of Tarzan in wide release, while Disney sets The BFG loose after a well received Cannes debut in May.

Can the week’s new releases finally dethrone Dory? Here’s how the July 1–4 holiday weekend box office battle could play out:

2. The Purge: Election Year – $30 million
The third film in Universal and Blumhouse’s increasingly popular series, The Purge: Election Year looks to continue the upward trend of inexpensive, R-rated horror films making a killing at the domestic box office, following The Conjuring 2’s impressive $40.4 million start earlier in June.

With a small budget ($10 million) and a compelling premise (to reduce annual crime rates, the government makes all crime legal for one day, allowing citizens to “purge” their frustrations), The Purge: Election Year is primed to match the profitable success of its predecessors as it opens on 2,787 theaters this weekend. Defying expectations, The Purge: Election Year also managed to impress critics, a rare feat for a horror film sequel, as it currently stands at 61 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film’s large, built-in fanbase (the previous Purge titles grossed $64.5 million and $72 million in 2013 and 2014, respectively) waited two years for the third film to arrive, and their anticipation is manifesting itself in strong social media activity for Election Year, with Box Office Pro reporting that nearly 10,000 tweets about the film were posted over the last three days. Election Year is also a timely entry as it hits theaters at a moment when the U.S. presidential election is kicking into high gear.

Tracking around 15 percent higher than the second Purge film in terms of online activity, The Purge: Election Year should wind up with around $27 million to $32 million for the 4-day weekend.

Source: EW

Oh and this is cool because they called her “the queen of sci-fi” 😛

What has Elizabeth Mitchell been doing since she finished Once Upon a Time?  

The queen of sci-fi—Lost, V and Revolution—is hot right now with two new projects. In Dead of Summer, airing Tuesday nights on TV’s Disney-owned Freeform network, Mitchell, 46, plays the owner of a summer camp where something is not right—cue the scary music! And she’s a U.S. senator who wants to eliminate deadly Purge Night in The Purge: Election Year, the third chapter of the popular horror franchise, now in theaters.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Reviews - The Purge 3


The Purge: Election Year | 3 Trailers

We found this nice comment on a blog.

As always, Mitchell brings a certain class to the proceedings.  She simply exudes poise and intelligence and plays her role perfectly.  Her Senator Roan represents the voice of reason that is sorely needed in a society that is plagued by fear and insecurity.  It’s a voice that is speaking to the characters and to the audience.  The role is important and carries a responsibility with it that Mitchell carries effortlessly.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Reviews - The Purge 3 - Video

Elliman Interview With Elizabeth

This is really one of the most lovely interview with her. Elizabeth is so genuine and so true and we couldn’t be more proud to be her fans. The story about Robert De Niro is so unexpected and it’s so beautiful what she said about meeting people who have a strong reaction. Well we are really emotional here and don’t think we could make it alive or without looking like total dumbs. LOL! 😛

In Search Of Elizabeth Mitchell
Where does the Emmy-nominated star of Lost find herself right now?


So, the actress Elizabeth Mitchell went to audition for a role in Meet The Parents years ago. “Robert De Niro and I were supposed to read together,” she tells me, already starting to laugh. “He walked into the room and I burst into tears.” Mitchell giggles, which she does frequently and with abandon. “You have to understand: I had never met a celebrity before. I had no idea. Who knew they were actually real! So there went that audition…to put it very lightly. But he was really nice about it, lovely, kind, you know. I was mortified and humiliated and for years I wouldn’t even talk about it! But, it’s given me a lot of compassion because now when I meet people and they have a strong reaction, I tend to have that feeling, like, ‘Oh hey, I get it, I really get it.’”

The Emmy-nominated star of ABC’s ratings behemoth Lost as well as other television hits including NBC’s Revolution (another of J.J. Abrams’ creations) comes across, immediately, as self-effacing, tough and wise, though that’s not how she describes herself. “I’m insanely nerdy and goofy,” she says. “I couldn’t be goofier. I’m going to reserve being cool for my 90s because if I try to go for cool now, it’s going to close a lot of doors for me!” Another infectious bout of laughter follows.

Read more…

CJ - Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell - Family - Interview - Photos - Projects - The Purge 3

The Purge: Election Year | Broll & On-Set Interview

The broll and the on-set video interview of The Purge: Election Year are absolutely AMAZING! Elizabeth looks like a GODDESS and the interview is so interesting, she talks about the movie but also about her character. Yes, Charlie Roan is so brave! Brolls are wonderful in general, but this one WOW… when she laughs… a fairy gets her wings back!


Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Projects - The Purge 3 - Video