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The Purge: Election Year | UK Review

Mitchell’s Roan arc is probably the most significant, a woman driven in her political career by a personal tragedy (which is where the film begins) and an attempt to put an end to the horrors that occur in the US every single March 21st.  It also makes for a welcome change given that we’ve already seen the vastly different experiences of a middle class family and a group of working class people face the dangers of the Purge, we now see a governmental figure do the same.

Unsurprisingly (and much like in the previous movies), the main cast remain the movie’s saving grace with commendable performances from Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson and of course, Grillo. Mitchell presents a much more human character than we’ve seen before in The Purge series, and there’s actually a backstory as to why she’s so compassionate which is refreshing. But underneath that soft exterior, she also has a toughness about her that comes out every time Grillo’s Barnes tries to act like the ‘big boss…’ It’s just a shame she’s never actually allowed to save the day though… Oh yes, the damsel-in-distress trope is certainly utilised to the fullest here.

Well Charlie’s way to save the day is different, she does that with words more than with actions. It couldn’t be different because all her political view was anti-violence so it has sense, even though she kicked some asses as well. 😉

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We Went To See The Purge Again For The Last Time

We went to see The Purge again tonight because it’s the last time in theaters near me and we could go together since Ste is here. 😛

We thought to share a couple of short clips of Elizabeth dubbed in our language because it’s fun. It’s not her usual dubber though. We totally prefer the movie in original language, because Liz’s voice is obviously not comparable, but anyway these are clips. 😛

Elizabeth is always amazing, we can’t wait to get the bluray of this movie! <3

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Where Travel Interview With Elizabeth

This is a very beautiful interview with Elizabeth about her family and Dead of Summer, read it all below! 🙂 Oh the pic is a never before seen still from the pilot.

Talking Texas with ‘Dead of Summer’ Star Elizabeth Mitchell

By Jaimie Siegle on 08/16/16

Wise, bubbly and full of laughter, Hollywood veteran Elizabeth Mitchell—known most recently for “The Purge: Election Year” and 1980s-era summer camp horror TV series “Dead of Summer”—is as gracious and level-headed as she is talented. We caught up with the Dallas native to talk about channeling her former summer camp days in the Texas Hill Country, her foray into acting and what she loves most about coming home.

The “Dead of Summer” finale airs this month on Freeform. How do you think audiences will react to the final episode?

I’m so lucky because I just finished reading episode nine—and it’s the most terrifying episode of TV: Nonstop action, twists and turns … after reading [the script] it is by far my favorite episode; it’s scary, sad and challenging because it’s like a mystery or puzzle you’re trying to figure out.

You played a villainous snow queen in “Once Upon A Time” and in “Dead of Summer,” you’re a mysterious summer camp leader with a few potential dark secrets. What interests you about these types of roles or characters?

I think I’m drawn to strong women. As my mom would say I have a “do-no-harm rule” and I try to walk softly, [but] when it comes to people [or characters] who have these obstacles or things in their lives that they can’t get out of their way—I find their drive so fascinating and interesting; I think maybe I’m [also] drawn to the adrenaline.

As a Camp Longhorn alum, did you draw upon anything from your camp experience for your role as Deb in “Dead of Summer”?

I feel like camp is such a coming-of-age thing. I don’t know if I always loved it [laughs], but it did some great things for me; at the end of it I was strong, tan and ready to take on the world! My last year I gained an understanding of leadership, which I learned from watching counselors and camp directors; [there was] no coddling, and that part was really interesting. In “Dead of Summer” I think I kind of took from that idea, but with Deb I had the obstacle of someone who is incredibly emotionally invested in the camp, which isn’t always the best because you’re thinking more about yourself and your own motives.

What’s been the best part about filming “Dead of Summer”?

Well, the 80’s are great, and so the music is great! I like the characters I’m working with; they’re neat kids and I love seeing how dedicated they are. Even the crew says they can’t wait to “be back at camp” … Everybody gets a little bit more relaxed and people eat their lunches by the water. I find the woods really comforting. The lights they put up at night make our campsite incredibly beautiful.

At seven, you made your debut on stage at the Dallas Theater Center. What sparked your interest in acting at such an early age?

My mom was an actress when she was younger, so I think it was her love of the art form then her putting me through theater school. I was such a dorky, funny little kid, but then being on stage I felt like, ‘this makes sense to me; this is a world that I understand.’ I always felt at home there and was drawn to the other actors. I found the community to be so incredible—so different than the people I’d met with my parents (both are lawyers)—friendly, inclusive, creative. Eventually I’d be sneaking into shows and watching the actors work; it felt magical to me.

How would you describe the essence/culture of Dallas, and what do you love about coming back?

It’s so vibrant! My mom has a little studio and works downtown (she’s an incredible artist), and the town has really flourished and changed since I was a kid—the arts, the food. And the people are friendly and fantastic! I like the wide open streets, running at night, all the little boutique hotels … and you get a Texas welcome!

Do you travel home to Dallas often to visit your family?

I try to come back every few months. I love seeing my parents, love to hang out in Mom and Dad’s backyard and I love to go to Javier’s, one of my all-time favorite places! (I always order the chicken nachos.) Then, I’ll usually go run White Rock Lake with my dad, who runs with these group of guys They say they’re slow so it should be easy for me to keep up, but they’re lying! I work out and run for three months beforehand … but they’re super sweet and never call attention to it.

Javier’s is a classic. Any other restaurants you’d recommend?

You’re going to hate me [laughs], but El Fenix, On the Border (on Knox Street)…basically Tex-Mex! Also Toulouse (also on Knox) and Rockfish (in Mockingbird Station).

Do you have any advice for visitors about what to do and see or where to go in the city?

Go get out and get around! Go to Greenville [Avenue] and listen to live music … [or visit] Klyde Warren Park, the Dallas Museum of Art, White Rock Lake and Deep Ellum.

How would you describe your own personal style, as well as the fashion/shopping scene here in Dallas?

I am, on most days, in boots and a belt, but I soften it a little bit with cashmere or cotton. It’s great to go to lunch at Neiman’s and watch them do their fashion shows. There’s some gorgeous fashion and great designers in Dallas that my mom knows about—RioRitz on Routh Street (the owner has great style; not horribly expensive but super cute), Asel Art Supply, E.G. Geller (shoes), NM Last Call, NorthPark Center, the “last call” sales at Stanley Korshak and The Shak in Crescent Court. Mom is a fantastic shopper and always looks amazing.

Are you working on any new or upcoming projects?

I do the strangest thing: I work for six months and then I’m a full-time mom. Given that “The Purge” and “Dead of Summer” came out at the same time, I’m probably just going to be a mom now. It’s good to have balance. I’m always grateful for work but I try to live a full, well-rounded life, as honored as I am to have had the opportunity to do this kind of work at all.

Source: wheretraveler

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The Purge: Election Year | Blu-ray & DVD

The Purge: Election Year will be out on Digital HD 9/20 and Blu-ray & DVD 10/4. According to Amazon the blu-ray disc will be region free while the DVD will be region 1.

Special Features

  • Digital Copy of The Purge: Election Year (Subject to expiration. Go to NBCUCodes.com for details.)
  • Includes UltraViolet (Subject to expiration. Go to NBCUCodes.com for details.)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Inside The Purge
  • Character Spotlight: Leo

It’s great that the blu-ray is region free because in our Country will be released only on November 23, so we can get it before that date. 😀

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The Purge: Election Year | Still And Box Office

The official italian fb page posted this still from The Purge. In USA the movie scored $78,913,505 (August 10), it’s so impressive! There should be a 4th movie! 😀
Ste found an italian review by the most important magazine (CIAK) in the Country. They wrote “la ottima Elizabeth Mitchell” which can be translated with “the excellent Elizabeth Mitchell”. YAS!!!

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The Purge: Election Year| Box Office And More

The_Purge_Election_Year_Box_Office_Elizabeth_MitchellThe Purge: Election Year scored 78,663,220 (August 4). We went to see it again today, if you have the chance, go to see it in theaters. Seeing Elizabeth on the big screen is really an experience you don’t want to miss.

Apparently the bluray and the dvd will be released this October in USA. We’re not sure about other Countries, but the movie is not in theatres everywhere yet. UK release date is August 26, September 15 for Germany/Switzerland, September 29 for Hong Kong. You can read when it will be released in your countries at this link.

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The Purge: Election Year | Box Office (July 31)

The_Purge_Election_Year_Box_Office_Elizabeth_MitchellThe Purge: Election Year scored $78,356,070 (estimate) plus $17,600,000 in other Countries (Italy is not included).

We’ve just read that in Italy it scored €628.960 and it’s been released in 229 theatres on July 28. It’s number 2 and number 1 is Ghostbusters. It’s the first week for both but the other movie has been released in 440 theaters and that means The Purge is a total winner. So proud! We’re going to see it again together this weekend when we meet up. 😀

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The Purge | Our Thoughts On Charlie Roan

Yesterday they finally released The Purge in our Country so we got the chance to see it! 😀
We haven’t seen Elizabeth on the big screen since 2009 when we went to see a Lost panel at Rome Fiction Festival because we needed to show Darlton our “Save Juliet” caps. 😛 (On a side note: the crazy girl who desperately wants the Apollo bar in The Purge must have been an extremely insane fan of Lost. LOL!)


It’s been really emotional to see her beautiful face on the big screen in a challenging role like Charlie Roan.


The movie deals with a very topical issue, which makes it even more scary: power and will of hurting other human beings.
There are so many themes in The Purge: Election Year, not discussed in depth or not discussed at all in the previous movies.
The first film is more about an individual fear, and they present the purge as an attempt to reduce crime. In the second one this pretext is unmasked but not completely analyzed.
In the third movie you see what’s really behind these twelve hours of insanity: money and power.
The fact that someone in a power position, like the senator Charlie Roan, fights for those who can’t gives you hopes for a better world.


One of the most amazing thing is that this woman is running for President and only the thought of that makes us scream inside!


But Charlene is not just that, she has the depth and the empathy that Elizabeth is able to recreate so well.
Only someone who feels those emotions really deeply is able to show them on screen so strongly and believably convey them to the viewers.
The senator’s fighting for the innocents, for justice and for a better future should be inspiring for everyone, especially in the violent world we are living in right now.


Empathy is a common characteristic in all Liz’s characters if you think about it. Sometimes it’s stronger than others, other times there’s something that blocks that to come to light (which is usually pain as for The Snow Queen) but it’s there, inside these amazing women she plays. And when this empathy comes from a traumatic experience, it can possibly be even more admiring.
There are scenes in particular as those when the senator forgets that she’s the one who needs to be protected.
Towards the end of the movie, she sees the room full of people that NFFA was about to sacrifice and she even protects one of them with her body.
The church scene when they are about to kill their first victim, Charlie reacts visibly as if she wants to protect him even if that means to put her life even more in jeopardy.
For sure she is re-experiencing what happened to her and her family 18 years before which is the whole point of her fighting: she can’t stand people hurting other human beings.
She doesn’t oppose when they are about to do the same to her, which is in part because she doesn’t want to give them the satisfaction of begging for her life, but mostly because her empathy for the others is stronger than her own self-preservation, which is impressive.


We also loved that Charlene is authoritative within her competencies and respects those of others.
For her safety the senator should keep a low profile, but she knows that she needs to put her life at stake to gain people’s trust in order to archive her goal, so she doesn’t listen to her bodyguard. On the other hand when it’s about his competencies, she steps back and listens to him. Noteworthy her chemistry with Frank Grillo. Not a surprise obviously, this woman is able to create, even all by herself, chemistry with everyone.


In conclusion Charlie Roan is a multi-layered character who is not afraid to admit to be scared, but is able to keep a cool head: “35 yards, 15 yards high”. Her strength comes from her ideals. She doesn’t let her rage overwhelm her and she’s combative while she keeps her female sweetness.


On a personal note: weeks before The Purge release in our Country, we had a glimpse of some caps from the interviews with Elizabeth contained in the movie, and when we saw them on screen yesterday it was really exciting, knowing now that the production took them from our site. 😀 This makes us very happy because we feel we did visually something for Liz. <3


As we have already told you, Elizabeth, on screen you make disappear everyone else.
Thank you for giving us another stunning example of woman warrior!

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