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The Purge: Election Year Vs The First Purge | Box Office

We are super praud to know that The Purge: Election Year did a lot better than The First Purge at the box office and the movie with Elizabeth had even less theaters.

This is the data about the first week-end for both movies.

The Purge: Election Year
Opening Weekend: $31,515,110
(#3 rank, 2,796 theaters, $11,271 average)
% of Total Gross: 39.8%

The First Purge
Opening Weekend: $17,374,280
(#4 rank, 3,031 theaters, $5,732 average)
% of Total Gross: 55.5%

So Blumhouse and Universal, you need Elizabeth Mitchell if you wanna make another movie. 😉

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This Is What The Cast Of Lost Are Doing Now

We found this article about Lost cast thanks to Answer To Nothing facebook page! 🙂

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Comic_Con_EW_Radio_Interview_z.jpg14 years after it first aired, this is what the cast of Lost are doing now

Many of the Lost cast members have gone on to impressive careers, both on TV and on the big screen

Often ranked among the greatest TV series of all time, cult favourite Lost followed a group of plane crash survivors as they struggled to navigate life on a mysterious (and very inhospitable) desert island. It was famed for its constant (game-changing) twists and turns, as well as its excellent characterisation.

Now, 14 years since the series started, and eight since the last episode aired, we thought we’d take a look at what the ensemble cast are doing now.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke)

Elizabeth Mitchell played the Snow Queen in TV series Once Upon a Time, and she was in horror film The Purge: Election Year. She’s in Netflix series The Expanse, and she starred in short-lived science fiction Revolution back in 2012.


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The Purge: What Happened After The Election Of Charlie Roan?

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_06.JPGWe found another article that mentions the possibility of a future for The Purge saga. It would be really interesting to find out what happens after Charlie’s election, how she deals with those in favor of the purge, how life can change and especially how many battles she needs to face to put an actual end to the purge’s nights.

And if that is not enough to make you think how interesting it would be, imagine an entire movie with Charlie Roan (and mostly because played by Elizabeth) as the US president…. Yeah, we won you with that. 😀

The Future of the Franchise
It’s unclear where the series will go from here, narratively speaking.  Fans are still curious to see what happened after the election of Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) as president. 


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8 Ways To Survive The Purge

Since the 4th movie is coming out today, EW wrote an article about 8 ways to survive The Purge and they included something about Elizabeth. 🙂

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_11.jpg7 of 9
Win an election

One crime you can’t commit on Purge Night is murdering a high-ranking government official —although even that is allowed in 2016’s The Purge: Election Year, so as to imperil Elizabeth Mitchell’s anti-Purge campaigner Senator Charlie Roan.

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What About The Purge 5 With Liz?

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_08.jpgWe just came across this article about The Purge (the 4th movie is coming out now) and there’s this interesting comment:

If there’s a Purge 5, maybe it can feature Roan’s fight for the Supreme Court.

Haha, wouldn’t be so cool if that happens?! Another movie with Liz as lead and with the president Charlie Roan! Such a beautiful character! <3 Yeah, please, make it happen!


Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Purge 3

The Purge: Election Year | Review

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge.jpg We found this review of The Purge: Election Year we have never read before.

Each actor brings his or her own motives and talent to the movie. Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell work well together and have a real connection that works on screen. Their motivations for who they are and what they do is made very clear, and they play it with excellent execution.


Rember the movie is available on bluray/4K & dvd in most of the Countries and it is coming to 4K on June in USA/Canada.

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The Purge: Election Year Coming To 4K Ultra HD

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Charlie_Roan_Doll_The_Purge_Election_Year_Funko_Pop_Blurays.jpg Last year we mentioned The Purge saga was released on bluray 4K, but in USA/Canada to have the one with Elizabeth you needed to buy all the 3 movies.

Now The Purge: Election Year is coming to 4K on June 12 individually and you can buy it on Amazon.com.

We already have it in Europe and they also released it in our Country last December. So if you live here, you can already buy it!

It’s so cool there are so many editions of this movie, we own 4 different versions! 😛

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Purge 3

The Purge: Election Year | New Stills & More

We found a never before seen still from The Purge: Election Year and an old one in a better quality version. <3


This is not really something new, but they posted the article because the 4th movie is coming out. We hope the 3rd will still be the hightest grossing film in the saga after that. 😛

“The Purge: Election Year” starring Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell, became the highest grossing film in the series last summer, bringing in $118 million worldwide. It is unknown if previous cast members will return to the series.


Talking about Charlie Roan… I (Adry) use to make cake decorations for fun, so I thought why not trying something different and I thought make somethings of Liz and this is the doll I made for her character in The Purge. 😀 Liz is terrific in this movie and I chose this scene because in that very first moment we see her, I got how powerful Charlie could have been.

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