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Purge 3: Assassins | Plot and details about Liz’s character

Elizabeth Mitchell The Purge 3 Frank Grillo

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It seems that “Purge 3” has a new title, it’s “Purge 3: Assassins”. We found some details on Liz’s character. She seems to be the main character of the movie, OMG!!! This is even more exciting!

“Purge 3: Assassins” is the third movie in “The Purge” series in which the government has established one night a year, called “the Purge,” when all crime is legal, and all police, fire and medical emergency services remain unavailable for 12 hours, from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. the next day. “Purge 3: Assassins” is set in the near future of Washington, D.C., and focuses on anti-purge presidential candidate Charlene “Charlie” Roan, played by Elizabeth Mitchell, who becomes vulnerable to assassination attempts when she refuses to go into hiding on Purge Night.

Source: valleybreeze.com

On and there’s a Liz lovely on set, and she told us that Liz only did wardrobe yesterday. But she is going back there tonight!!  (Thanks Ashley!)

We read this about a scene they are filming:

There will be a scene where there is some gunfire; there’s a scene where there’s a vehicle on fire.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Purge 3

The Purge 3 | Filming starts today

Elizabeth Mitchell The Purge 3 Frank Grillo

EMfc fanart

Today they starts filming “The Purge 3” and we just wanna wish Liz to have fun and kick some asses during this new project! 🙂

We’re so excited about it since we’ll see her on the big screen and we can’t wait to get any info from the set.

Frank Grillo said he is training today, so maybe Liz is there doing the same thing! YAY! 😀

Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Projects - The Purge 3

Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the cast of The Purge 3

Elizabeth Mitchell The Purge 3 Frank GrilloUPDATE: We have a few more info about the movie. They will begin filming next Wednesday (till October) and the title is “The Purge 3” aka “The Code”.


Hey guys, Liz has a new terrifying project! She has joined the cast of “The Purge 3”. :O

EXCLUSIVE: Betty Gabriel, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Secor, JJ Soria, Mykelti Williamson and Elizabeth Mitchell have joined the cast of Universal/Blumhouse’s The Purge 3, the latest installment in the microbudget horror series that has been minting money for all parties. The third pic will reveal the next chapter of the 12 hours of government-sanctioned anarchy in which murder is legal and nobody can help you if you’re stuck outside. Writer-director James DeMonaco is back for a third go-round, and Frank Grillo already is set to return to star.

Universal has set a July 1 release date, and the movie is near a shooting start in Rhode Island.

The first two Purge films had a combined budget of $12 million and together have grossed $200 million worldwide, sealing a deal for a third pic back in October after the second one, The Purge: Anarchy, surpassed the original film’s $91 million worldwide gross on its way to $110 million. Sébastien K. Lemercier, Blumhouse Productions’ Jason Blum and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are producing again. This is part of Blumhouse’s big first-look deal at Uni.

The release date is my birthday! :O 😀

Source: deadline | Thanks so much Randie for the headup!

UPDATE: I made these posters for the movie, since we don’t have any promotional material yet. 😛

Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Projects - The Purge 3