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The Expanse 3×10 Podcast About Liz

This week is awesome, they talked about Elizabeth in the podcast. We especially loved what Cara Gee had to say about her.

Cara Gee about Elizabeth:


So true! She is a brighting light!

Writer about Elizabeth:


Well Liz is a pro, obviously she already got what she had to do with Anna. 

Oh the editor of SyfyWire said he hopes to get Elizabeth in his podcast before the end of the show.

Writers about Anna:


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The Expanse 3×10 | Review

There is some nice reviews this week and not only recaps which is awesome since Elizabeth was a huge part of the episode and deserves so much attention.

There aren’t enough characters like Anna Volovodov on TV. I suppose that’s not entirely fair; part of the reason Anna is so compelling is that she’s played by Elizabeth Mitchell, and there’s only so much of her to go around. But on a show with its fair share of people trying to do the right thing—a show which, for all its darkness and violence, does appear to have a base level optimism about the nature of humanity—Anna still manages to stand out. Her kindness and warmth would normally relegate her to a backseat position, the sort of passive figure that other characters aspire to be more like while they galavant around having adventures. But she has also has an intense passion for discovery that drives her to stay on board the Prince even when all common sense (and the pleas of her wife) would suggest otherwise.

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The Expanse 3×11 Promo

There were a lot of wonderful scenes with Elizabeth also this week. She was heartbreaking and the way she did her eulogy brought tears to our eyes. She’s too good!

The promo for next week is all about her. How wonderful!


Oh the official account posted a gif of her during the episode. RT and like it at this link to show your support, please!

Click on “read more” for the rest of the stuff about this episode we posted before.

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The Expanse 3×10 Airs Tonight

The Expanse 3×10 airs tonight and we got a little taste already with a wonderful sneak peek. We cannot wait to see what else Anna does and especially how Elizabeth portrays her with all the little details which are always a surprise to watch! We are so excited to be amazed by her powerful performance!

In case you missed the clip, here’s the sneak peek:



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The Expanse 3×08 Deleted Scenes

We don’t know if any of you noticed that, but in the summary of 3×09 there were scenes they didn’t show in 3×08.

The first footage was just a different shot (slightly different angle) and the second scene was not included in the actual episode, but we got this scene instead.

We will add the clip into the video archive as soon as we start adding the scenes with Liz, but in the meantime we uploaded some caps into the gallery:

The_Expanse_3x08_deleted_scene_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000009.jpg The_Expanse_3x08_deleted_scene_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000057.jpg

We think there might be something similar in the past episodes, so we’ll check them out and let you know. 🙂

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