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The Expanse 3×03 Airs Tonight!

The Expanse airs tonight at 9/8c on Syfy. You are still in time to catch up with last week’s episode (the first one with Elizabeth) and find out how amazing her new character is!

We can’t wait to to know more about Anna and to watch another wonderful performance! 😀 Weekly dose of Liz is what we all need!

And now just a little summary of what we can expect from the episode:



3×03 “Assured Destruction”

Earth strategizes a costly ploy to gain advantage in the war against Mars; Anna struggles to convince Sorrento-Gillis to do the right thing; Avasarala and Bobbie seek refuge aboard the Rocinante.

We’ll be live twitting also this week, but always only during the breaks/ads because we surely don’t want to miss a scene with Liz!

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The Expanse Actress About Elizabeth

Samora Smallwood, the actress in the last scene with Liz from the episode 3×02, posted this nice tweet:

Working with & watching #ElizabethMitchell work was a DREAM. Kind, beautiful & such a POWERHOUSE. Commanding presence & feminine power. I don’t think I’ve met anyone nicer. #Seriously Who’s watching #AnnaVolovodov on @ExpanseSYFY @TheExpanseWR @TheExpanseRp

We bet nobody has ever met anyone nicer than Elizabeth! Powerhouse haha… because she emanates so much energy and light from the inside… Accurate!<3

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The Expanse 3×02 | Reviews

UPDATE (April 22): we added just a small comment about Anna at the end of the page.


We found some nice reviews with great comments about Elizabeth and Anna. 😀

We also made this wall with the best lines from them because well… we are so proud of this woman! <3

Reverend Anna: Giver of few craps

Elizabeth Mitchell is by far the best part of this episode. She comes onto the scene and almost instantly starts knocking heads around, first with a UN security worker, then later with the Secretary-General, and finally, and most importantly with Errinwright.

Honestly, everyone should be verbally smacking Errinwright around, but it’s just that much more satisfying that it’s Elizabeth Mitchell doing it.


The title, “IFF,” also brilliantly addresses the compelling theme of identifying of friend or foe, whether among Holden’s arguing crew, between the Pinus Contorta and the Razorback, or even with the new character played by Elizabeth Mitchell, who challenges Errinwright for the attention of the UN leader at a crucial time.

Mitchell is, in fact, perfectly cast as Anna Volovodov, or Pastor Anna as readers of the James S.A. Corey novels know her, even though her appearance, character, and history appear to be quite different here. Mitchell’s ability to smile with equal amounts endearment and menace and to combine wide-eyed disbelief with a strength of resolve are perfect for this role in which Anna must place a moral and religious framework around the UN war and the origins of the protomolecule. The softer side she shows her wife and daughter and the hard edge revealed by her past as the Secretary General’s speechwriter create a complex character from the very start.

Dan of geek

I already like Anna solely based on the two minutes she’s been on my screen. She’s assertive, but not maliciously so. Her compassion and intellect is evident.

Also, the addition of Anna and the always superb Mitchell was an A+ choice.


Read more…

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