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The Expanse 3×03 Review

The_Expanse_3x03_Elizabeth_Mitchell_review.jpgThis review is not flattering about how they wrote the episode, but it says that Elizabeth was good anyway. It’s for The Expanse 3×03.

Even if the reviews are not positive about the writing, they are always positive about her performance. It happens all the time with her. You cannot say that she is not great, because you would lie. 😀

While the Earth/Anna scenes were a highlight of “IFF,” they’re more pedestrian here. Last week, Anna got to be more than just the conscience of Secretary-General Sorrento-Gillis (understandably usually rendered as “S-G Esteban”). Here, she’s pretty much just the angel on his shoulder to Errinwright’s devil. So the war’s escalating, and Earth endures a nuclear strike with casualties in the millions, while Anna sees her influence with Esteban insufficient to keep him from making a disastrous mistake, and Errinwright smugs. “Table setting” is a term often used as a pejorative when discussing television episodes, but that’s what’s happening in this plot-line.

Last week it was done deftly and well, this week didn’t nail the landing quite so well. I suppose it was good character work for Mitchell’s Anna, but didn’t really tell us much that we didn’t know and weren’t able to guess before.


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See What the Cast of ‘Lost’ Is up to Today!

We just saw this posted on Lost official facebook page.

Well, it’s safe to say — when it comes to the anticipation between episodes, and the obsessive and methodological evaluation into each and every plot — there’s no show that compares to Lost, leaving its legacy well in-tact even so many years after it went off the air. While there’s nothing that can fill the island-sized hole left by Lost in our hearts, we’ll always be curious what the show’s stars are up to in the current day.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet Burke)

Just after Lost ended, Elizabeth nabbed the lead role on V. Nowadays, you can catch her on The Expanse on Syfy.


Haha… they had to write her first project after Lost and then her latest project because Elizabeth’s career is so full of tremendous works. <3 Our Queen! <3

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The Expanse | 3×02 & 3×03 Photos – 3×07 Synopsis

They posted these photos of Liz on Syfy blog. 😀

  1. 2.
  2. 3×02 “IFF”
  3. 3×03 “Assured Destruction”

Oh there is also the press release of the 7th episode, but they don’t mention Anna.

3×07 DELTA-V

All eyes turn to the edge of the solar system as a mysterious new presence emerges. Naomi recommits to her roots. Drummer butts heads with a seasoned new commander aboard the Behemoth. A young Belter makes a name for himself.

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The Expanse: Vote For Liz – Rotten Tomatoes TV

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x04_04.jpgRotten Tomatoes TV posted a clip with Elizabeth from the latest episode of The Expanse. It’s the scene where Anna confronts Esteban and tells Errinwright he doesn’t get the right to speak to her, not ever again. It’s a really cool scene and Elizabeth is incredibly amazing!

Rotten Tomatoes wrote “Check out the new The Expanse Season 3 Episode 4 Clip starring Elizabeth Mitchell! Let us know what you think in the comments below.”

So go at this link, post a nice comment and like the video, please! Thank you!


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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×04

We got a few more scenes with Liz this week (they are never enough) and she shined in every single one of them with all sorts of emotions which prove once more her immense talent. <3

When Anna realizes her speech has been modified and all her words about seeing humanity as one people are now used against Mars to justify the war and to persist in that direction, she gets silently furious, horrified, disappointed and deeply sad.

They should have kept the camera only on her because the changes of expressions on Liz’s face during those moments are so brilliantly executed and they are what makes the scene so relevant in the story.

Sorrento-Gillis betrays Anna once again. There’s that exchange glances between the two when he decides to listen to the devil (Errinwright) on his other shoulder, instead of his conscience (Anna).

The entire purpose of Anna being there has been diverted by Errinwright in his favour, but now she understands who she is dealing with.

What we witness after that is one of the most badass moment ever. She confronts Esteban, she beautifully yells “YOU DONT GET TO SPEAK TO ME. NOT EVER AGAIN.” to Errinwright and succeeds to leave both men without a come back, because at this point she doesn’t even care.

The look in Elizabeth’s eyes and the firmness in her voice are so fierce and balance the positive passion in Anna’s speech before they twisted her words.

In the scene between Anna and her wife, we love how Elizabeth laughs through her tears and her timing while saying her lines is just perfection.  

The Reverend is ready to go back to her family because she feels she only made the things worse. She doesn’t want to get involved in the cold ambitions of the snakes at the U.N. anymore, but she received the message Avasarala wanted her to get and the situation with Errinwright is even worse than she thought.

That moment of realization was effectively acted with Anna literally losing physical straight in her body so much that she has to sit down.

We can’t wait to know how she will use those acquired information in the next upcoming episodes!

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