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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×10

When it’s about Elizabeth is very hard to pick up an highlight in the performance because she studies every single trait of her characters so deep in their hearts.


The script is like a piece of clay that she molds and makes it into the most detailed sculpture and if you look at it very close, you can see all the features she has created and get mesmerized by them.


Watching her acting is the most fascinating thing for us. We can’t even imagine how astonishing it would be to see her work of art taking shape live.

We hope one day to be that lucky to see her on stage. We always tell each other that if she ever does another play, we will move to that city and go to every single theatrical show.

We will be like Anna amazed by science and the unknown. We actually are already like that every time Liz is on our screens, but you know what we mean. She’s magic!

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The Expanse 3×10 | More Reviews

We found more reviews about Elizabeth’s performance and Anna in The Expanse 3×10. 🙂

Episode Grade: A-

Characters need flaws.  Every writer knows this, it’s Storytelling 101.  Early on, it looked as if Anna Volovodov’s flaw was merely to be her complicity in Sorrento-Gillis’ pre-show sins, and her regret over her role in them.  Especially when compared to S-G himself and to Errinwright, who were her only foils, this was not a terribly interesting foible.  Fortunately for the character, Elizabeth Mitchell’s nuanced performance has made her a joy to watch, but even so the last couple of episodes have done wonders for making Anna especially interesting, as opposed to just Mitchell’s portrayal of her.

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