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The Expanse 3×09 | Small Comment & Info

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x09_01.JPGSo many multi-layered emotions for Anna tonight. Such a blessing for us to see all that conveyed by our pure talent. <3

We didn’t expect to see so many scenes with Liz and oh my gosh, wasn’t she AMAZING?! That was overwhelming but in a good way! It’s truly a gift to see her acting and giving life to all of her beautiful characters!

We can’t wait to watch the episode again tomorrow and talk about it after that.

Note 1: The official account posted a gif of Liz on twitter tonight. YAY finally something! 

Note 2: There was no scene with Elizabeth in the promo for the next week’s episode and no still with her, but we really hope to see her because there’re only 4 episodes left and we need her!

3x09 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Expanse

The Expanse 3×09 Airs Tonight

It’s finally Wednesday, best day of the week since Elizabeth will be on tv tonight in a new episode of The Expanse. We can’t wait what Anna is going to do! 😀

These are all the things with Elizabeth released by syfy about the 9th episode of season 3.

The Expanse 3×09 Stills

3×09 “Intransigence” Plot

The Rocinante seeks a new gameplan as they attempt to avoid capture. Melba’s true motives are revealed. Naomi is torn between identity and ideal. Anna seeks a way to stay aboard the Thomas Prince.


3x09 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Spoilers - The Expanse