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The Expanse 3×07 | Some More Reviews + S4 Renewal

We found some more reviews of The Expanse 3×07. They are mostly about the character though.

And now, our two “new” story lines. The UNN fleet heading to the Ring gives us Anna Volovodov finally away from the politicking Errinwright and Sorrento-Gillis (now replaced with a well-coiffed yet still vulgar Avasarala). Mitchell isn’t given a lot to do, but it’s not nothing, and it retroactively gives a bit more meaning to her earlier use in the show: We don’t need to spend time getting to know this character now, because the first five episodes did that heavy lifting for us.

Oh, show.  You almost give us too much.  The Expanse has always had good actors, and a few brilliant ones, but now in this season we get first Elizabeth Mitchell and now David Strathairn?  We don’t deserve this. 


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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×07

As we expected, there is a total change of scenario for Anna.

It’s been some time since the events happened in the last episode and now she is on the Thomas Prince (U.N. Navy warship) as part of a delegation to investigate The Ring. She was sent there by Avarsarala, who has become Secretary General, after Errinwright’s arrest, and Sorrento-Gillis resignation.

Anna wonders if the protomolecule ring is some kind of life-form, but the person she is talking to believes that it’s actually technology created by some very intelligent (but hopefully inert) people out there.

The impression that Elizabeth gives here is that Anna listens to his opinion, but that doesn’t mean she believes he’s right. She’ll keep investigating The Ring even if she’s conflicted because her wife sent her a message saying that she’s worried about their long distance relationship and the danger to be in the proximity of the protomolecule.

The two scenes with Liz were very very short, but the importance of Anna being there is essential to what’s happening on the show. We are sure that Anna’s intelligence and her constant determination to do the right thing for everyone will help in more than one way.

Best lines

We love the fact that despite being worried about the situation, Anna keeps having her sharp tongue.

  • “I came here in a spaceship not in the wings of an angel. I’m able to appreciate the difference.”
  • “We are friends, now… you know?” when she suggestes to ask for Mars’ opinion.

PS: Touching Elizabeth’s eyebrows is a crime. PLEASE DON’T!

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The Expanse 3×07 – Review

We found a small review about last night’s episode.
We really need to see more and longer scenes with Elizabeth and the official account of the show and the writers should post something about her during the episodes. They live tweet every week but basically they only posted about Anna or Liz for the first 2 episodes. We understand she’s not one of the main characters, but zero promotion makes us sad.

Despite initially only being asked to help out for a short period on Earth, Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) is still working for the UN, and is now on a ship near the ring, as part of a task force sent by Chrisjen. This is a good call, as it not only keeps Elizabeth Mitchell on the show, but also allows the writers to use Anna as an emotional/spiritual touchstone for the audience.


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The Expanse 3×07 | Podcast About Anna

The writers talked about Anna and what they like about her in this week’s podcast. Nothing about Elizabeth, but only about the character they wrote and where the inspiration came from (the book “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott).



We don’t remember if we said that already here, but last week they mentioned Anna just to talk about Shawn Doyle’s acting, there was nothing about Anna or Liz in the podcast.

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The Expanse 3×07 Airs Tonight

The Expanse 3×07 airs tonight.:D

The only thing with Elizabeth available for this episode is this still:


They didn’t include any scene with her in the promo and Anna is not mentioned into the synopsis. Hopefully they’ll release some photos after it airs. The change of the setting and clothes (finally, what she had to wear in the past episodes didn’t do justice to our beautiful Liz) sound promising.

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