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The Expanse 3×06 | Another Review

We found this comment by someone who’s willing to see more of what Liz can do!

I’m ready for Anna and Elizabeth Mitchell to have something else to do than try and be Jiminy Cricket to Earth’s government.  I may have said it before, but it was a lot less frustrating with Avasarala in her position, because at least that woman had some authority.


And look where Avasarala ended up. LOL!

All the scenes we had in the past episodes were the key to introduce Anna and to understand who she is, but yeah, he’s right, we need to see her doing something else, because what she has done can’t change the people in charge.

Sometimes you need to change your approch in order to achieve your goal. It’s time for Anna to try another way, not going directly to who can change humanity’s destiny, but crumbling ground from a distance. She might succeed to make him fall into the hole he belongs.

But more than anything, we can’t wait to see what Elizabeth can do with the character in another situation/environment. It’s always so excited because we know how unexpected she can be every time! Powerful!


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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×06

The_Expanse_3x06_Elizabeth_MitchellThere were only a few scenes with Elizabeth on The Expanse 3×06 and they were really too short. Seriously they should use that talent in a more prominent way. We really hope they did that in the future episodes.

We heard an interview with an actress about how hard it is to manage a character for so many years while it is easier (according to her) to do it for just a couple of years.
We are not sure about that, you probably get bored to play the same role for too many years and it ends up not to be a challenge anymore because you know everything about that character.

What’s even harder is to sell a character having just a small amount of screen time. That’s exactly what Elizabeth is doing with Anna.

Every week we care more and more about her and we hope she’ll be able to save humanity.

It’s like Anna’s voice is our voice, so you get furious when she is angry or you get your hopes up, when she feels she’s succeeding to do the right thing and that right thing will have positive consequences.

Anna fights to see the man she thought Sorrento-Gillis could be, because his redemption for what he’s doing now could be also her redemption for what happened in the past when she trusted him and everything went wrong.

But she was wrong… Esteban was worse then she could possibly think and Errinwright was totally right about him. Imagine to believe in someone to do the right thing and get rid of the devil and then to find out that the real devil is still in the room.

Elizabeth conveys all these emotions of rage, sorrow, hope,  and we were especially impressed with the change from the proud happiness to horrifying disappointment in like two seconds.

We can’t wait to find out what Anna will do next!

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The Expanse 3×06 Review

We’ve just found a review of The Expanse 3×06. 😀

What political wrangling there is, revolves around the video evidence of Errinwright’s (Shawn Doyle) treason, supplied to Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) by Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Seemingly horrified by Errinwright’s betrayal, Secretary General Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) has him arrested, but not before Errinwright has his moment of vitriol about Gillis’ character, to Anna. Initially, this seems like it is fuelled by his resentment at being caught, and Anna is happy that she was able to get Gillis back on the right path, but soon after, it becomes clear that Gillis is exactly who Errinwright caricatured him as; Anna is suitably horrified with Gillis’ attitude and realises that Earth may still be in deep trouble. All three actors here are great, and each one conveys the switching emotions perfectly.


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The Expanse 3×06 | Official Recap

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x06_01.JPGWe just wanna say that Elizabeth was fantastic tonight! Only 2 scenes, but she did so much! We’ll post a longer comment tomorrow.

Oh they didn’t include any scene with her in the promo for the next week’s episode, but she’ll be in it since Syfy released a still.  No photo available for 3×08 yet.

On the official website they only added this photo of Elizabeth’s hair *crying* ç_ç

The official recap is under the break.

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The Expanse 3×06 Airs Tonight

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_Poster.jpgLiz wasn’t in the last week’s episode, but tonight she’ll be on tv for sure. 😀 YAY! They didn’t include any scene with her in the promo, but we have a couple of photos and Anna is mentioned in the synopsis of The Expanse 3×06. 😀

We are sorry for the show’s cancellation, for those who worked on it and for those fans who were nice to Elizabeth. We know they are keep fighting to get show picked up by someone else and we hope they succeed.

We already said that, but it is worth to mention it again: they didn’t cancel a show with Elizabeth, she is on The Expanse only for the 3rd season. So if you’re sad because of that, don’t be!

We watched some pilots promos for the upcoming season and there aren’t so many appealing shows actually, but we really hope Elizabeth could find a good pilot and a great character to play very soon. *crossing fingers for something written by Julie Plec*

Oh and don’t forget Liz has a movie coming up next year, called The Buried Girl. 😀

Back to The Expanse… In case you missed it… Here’s what we have from The Expanse 3×06:

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