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The Expanse 3×04 Review

We found another review of Elizabeth’s performance in The Expanse 3×04. 😀 L-L-L-L-L-L-LOVE this! <3

Oh and we also made the edit with the best lines among the reviews of the 4th episode. 😛

Thank heaven for that last scene of her getting Errinwright’s incriminating message, then. It’s been good that over the last couple of episodes we’ve seen Anna at her limits, because for one thing it makes sense, and for another it makes it all the more satisfying that she may be able to help bring that evil sunofabitch down. By the same token, “you don’t get to speak to me, not ever again” was probably the most cathartic line of the episode. Mitchell continues to kill it; I’m just looking forward now to her actually interacting with more than three other actors.


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The Expanse: Vote For Liz – Rotten Tomatoes TV

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x04_04.jpgRotten Tomatoes TV posted a clip with Elizabeth from the latest episode of The Expanse. It’s the scene where Anna confronts Esteban and tells Errinwright he doesn’t get the right to speak to her, not ever again. It’s a really cool scene and Elizabeth is incredibly amazing!

Rotten Tomatoes wrote “Check out the new The Expanse Season 3 Episode 4 Clip starring Elizabeth Mitchell! Let us know what you think in the comments below.”

So go at this link, post a nice comment and like the video, please! Thank you!


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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×04

We got a few more scenes with Liz this week (they are never enough) and she shined in every single one of them with all sorts of emotions which prove once more her immense talent. <3

When Anna realizes her speech has been modified and all her words about seeing humanity as one people are now used against Mars to justify the war and to persist in that direction, she gets silently furious, horrified, disappointed and deeply sad.

They should have kept the camera only on her because the changes of expressions on Liz’s face during those moments are so brilliantly executed and they are what makes the scene so relevant in the story.

Sorrento-Gillis betrays Anna once again. There’s that exchange glances between the two when he decides to listen to the devil (Errinwright) on his other shoulder, instead of his conscience (Anna).

The entire purpose of Anna being there has been diverted by Errinwright in his favour, but now she understands who she is dealing with.

What we witness after that is one of the most badass moment ever. She confronts Esteban, she beautifully yells “YOU DONT GET TO SPEAK TO ME. NOT EVER AGAIN.” to Errinwright and succeeds to leave both men without a come back, because at this point she doesn’t even care.

The look in Elizabeth’s eyes and the firmness in her voice are so fierce and balance the positive passion in Anna’s speech before they twisted her words.

In the scene between Anna and her wife, we love how Elizabeth laughs through her tears and her timing while saying her lines is just perfection.  

The Reverend is ready to go back to her family because she feels she only made the things worse. She doesn’t want to get involved in the cold ambitions of the snakes at the U.N. anymore, but she received the message Avasarala wanted her to get and the situation with Errinwright is even worse than she thought.

That moment of realization was effectively acted with Anna literally losing physical straight in her body so much that she has to sit down.

We can’t wait to know how she will use those acquired information in the next upcoming episodes!

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The Expanse 3×04: More Reviews

UPDATE (May 4)

“Reload” offers plenty of plot advancement without sacrificing great character development

After Anna appeared to regain a degree of control over Sorrento-Gilles last week, Errinwright manages to steal it away from her by rewriting key portions of the Secretary-General’s speech. That single speech undermines everything Anna was attempting to accomplish and it causes her to lash out at the Secretary-General and Errinwright. What follows is a fairly straightforward yet highly emotional and beautifully acted/written scene between Elizabeth Mitchell and Raven Dauda, who plays Anna’s wife Nono. So far, Anna and Nono’s scenes haven’t been a frequent occurrence, but we’d love to see more of them in the future.

Elizabeth Mitchell has found a new home on The Expanse and she’s an absolute pleasure seeing on screen. Anna and her relationship with her wife Nono just adds to the diversity of the show. More is always better.



The best line, however, was Anna’s dismissal of Errinwright: “YOU DONT GET TO SPEAK TO ME. NOT EVER AGAIN.”


It was the best line only because the way Liz delivered it was phenomenal! #BADASS


We found these 2 reviews for last night episode. 🙂

The Expanse continues its excellent third season, with episode 4: Reload.

With a lot of chess pieces having been moved around in the previous episodes, we now start to see some people really showing their hand and beginning to make their move.  On Earth, Secretary General Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) makes the speech that he has brought Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) on board to help write, but she discovers to her horror that it isn’t everything that she expected.  It seems Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) has influenced Gillis, and it is clear to those that know the players, that it is effectively Errinwright speaking through Gillis.  Now he has his war, the weaselly Errinwright is flexing his political muscles more and more, working from behind the scenes, which is a frighteningly believable scenario.

Having seen Gillis’ speech being broadcast though, she recognises Anna and sees a way forward that may be a safer route to getting the truth out. This nicely ties together the two stories, and means that Anna will become a bigger figure as the plot progresses. This is no bad thing, as Elizabeth Mitchell has been great so far, and just in this episode portrays frustrated and betrayed idealist perfectly, with layered emotional depth, as well as strength.


That’s not to say that Anna doesn’t deserve sympathy — she certainly does! We already got the sense that her earlier speech-writing stint with Esteban Sorrento-Gillis was an experience she wasn’t particularly proud of, and for her to be coaxed once again into believing the dream of changing the world through her words must have been devastating when it ended in spectacular disappointment. The problem is we don’t know Anna well enough to care about her humiliation on a personal level, even though Elizabeth Mitchell excels at portraying quiet indignation; therefore, the fact that she receives Avasarala’s evidence against Errinwright gives us hope that her character will gain importance, redemption, and audience investment.

Even readers of the Corey novels have new territory to enjoy in these plot departures for Anna and Errinwright […]


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