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The Expanse 3×02 More Stills & Syfy Recap

We’re gonna rewatch the episode tonight. We really can’t wait to see her again. Her performance was so brilliant! She’s so talented, it’s really a blessing!

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This is the recap about Liz’s character posted on syfy site.

On Earth, the anti-war protests outside the UN are massive and agitated. A blonde woman is getting hustled past the crowds when a barricade breaks. The riot police begin beating a young protester, and when the woman, Anna, intervenes, she gets clocked on the head for her trouble. Undaunted, she provides care to the protester and uses whatever clout she has to demand that he be taken to a doctor.

Anna is brought in to see Secretary-General Gillis; it turns out, they’re old friends. Gillis dismisses a perturbed Errinwright and then asks Anna if she’ll help him write a speech that will help soothe the agitated people of Earth. Anna is clearly harboring some old resentments, but she mostly doesn’t want to help Gillis sell his war. He presses, though, and she says if he will agree to fund her free clinic for undocumenteds, she’ll help him.

Back at the UN, Anna places a call home to her wife and daughter to detail why she’ll be staying for a while. Anna doesn’t feel comfortable being the mouthpiece for a wartime government, and moreover, she thinks Gillis doesn’t bring out her best. She’s still so angry at him over … something.

At the UN, we learn that Anna once helped Gillis write a rousing wartime speech that she now regrets being a part of. Errinwright tries to make inroads with her, but she doesn’t take to him, with his slurs against Belters and willingness to use extreme force.

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No Podcast

Unfortunately Elizabeth was unable to do the podcast.

They posted this message about 13 hours ago:

Hey, guys. So, major mea culpa, here: Due to a scheduling issue, Elizabeth was unable to join us on the podcast this week. My apologies for the false alarm. BUT, given that Anna has more than a one-episode arc, we will be continuing to try to make a guest spot for her work, and when it happens, I will definitely be bringing these questions into the interview.

My apologies and, as always, thanks for listening.


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The Expanse Writers About Elizabeth

The Expanse writers account on twitter posted this nice message about Liz:

Welcome to the Expanse screen Elizabeth! A beautifully talented person and an absolute joy to work with. 

We thanked Daniel Abraham for casting her as Anna and he said:

“She is awesome.”

Oh you bet she is all this and so much more!

There were also lovely comments about Liz and Anna. People were surprised and very happy to see her on the show and in that role. 🙂

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Another Sweet Comment By Cas Anvar + Photo


Cas posted this message and this mesmerizing photo of Liz.

Story while we wait: While doing a fight scene I had a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. #ElizabethMitchell being the sweetheart that she is found me sitting in a corner trying to relieve the pain and did some sort of reiki/shiatsu to help relieve all the tension. It worked.


Cas Anvar posted another sweet comment about Elizabeth on twitter! 🙂 So lovely!

She can do a lot. Class act that #ElizabethMitchell

Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - The Expanse

The Expanse 3×02 | First Episode With Elizabeth Airs Tonight

The first episode of The Expanse with Elizabeth airs tonight (9/8c on Syfy) and this is a small summary of what we have for this episode, don’t miss it, Liz is gonna blow up our minds!


Sneak Peek



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  1. First promo + interview
  2. Liz’s scenes from the first promo
  3. 3×02 Promo

Promotional Photos

Plot Summary

3×02 “IFF”

The Rocinante answers an unexpected distress signal. Bobbie and Avasarala find themselves being hunted by a mysterious captor. UN Secretary-General Sorrento-Gillis brings in a colleague from his past to lend an ear during this crucial time of war.

For more info about the show, check our The Expanse tag!

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