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Interview With Elizabeth About “The Beast”

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (5).jpgTexan sinks her teeth into role in upcoming ‘The Beast’ Candy Havens Star

Despite being born in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Mitchell considers herself a Texan. She spent her childhood in Dallas, where she attended an arts magnet high school and worked in local theater.

For the past five years, the 31-year-old actress has been working steadily in film and TV in Los Angeles. Some of her more high-profile film roles are in Gia and Frequency. Most recently, she appeared on NBC’s ER. She has two upcoming films, Double Bang and Hollywood Palms.

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The Beast | Entertainment Tonight Interview

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (5).jpgInto “The Beast”

ELIZABETH MITCHELL leaves her “ER” scrubs behind as she tackles a career in TV journalism in ABC’s new series, “The Beast.”

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: Your character is caught in a very unusual position in the first episode. It’s probably the first time a main character has been naked the whole first scene. Does that do anything particular to the scene? In other words, does she have a feeling of vulnerability or something that makes it more interesting to act the role?

ELIZABETH MITCHELL: I think KARIO SALEM (creator and star) has created such an incredibly interesting woman, a woman who seeks the truth, and that’s what drew me to the character. What I liked about that scene is that she is very free. I didn’t see it so much as vulnerable, just that she’s able to be with this man that she loves or she’s beginning to love and to be so open and so lovely with him. And therefore, when we see her in that really tight setting later, where she is interviewing for a job, we’ve seen her at her most natural, at her most essential, at her most basic. So that’s why I like that scene.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Old Info And News - Projects - The Beast

Dallas Morning News Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell About ‘ER’ And ‘The Beast’

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgFrom start in Dallas theater, Elizabeth Mitchell grabs TV spotlight with ‘ER’ and ‘The Beast’
By Manuel Mendoza

PASADENA, Calif. – “I have a boyfriend,” Elizabeth Mitchell says to Angelina Jolie after their characters make love in the 1998 HBO film Gia. “I’m really very square.”
Ms. Mitchell, a Dallas native, easily passes for square. Tall and thin, with curly, shoulder-length tresses, she’s the innocent, all-American blonde. She grew up in Highland Park, for Pete’s sake.

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Elizabeth Mitchell Stars In “The Beast”

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgABC meets ‘Beast’ – Drama of a cable news service could be ready by April

ABC has climbed into the belly of “The Beast,” ordering six episodes of the drama series about an edgy cable news service.
“The Beast,” which comes from Imagine Television and Touchstone Television, will go into production immediately and could be ready for air by April. ABC may also decide to hold the show for fall as strike-contingent programming.

Imagine re-shot the series pilot earlier this fall, this time with Mimi Leder directing; Frank Langella was the only holdover from the original cast, which also featured Courtney B. Vance.

Skein stars Langella as media mogul Jackson Burns, whose news channel not only covers events but turns the cameras on the reporters behind the scenes. Jason Gedrick, Peter Riegert, Elizabeth Mitchell, Wendy Crewson, Naveen Andrews, April Grace, Harriet Sanson Harris and Michael Riley Burke also star.

“The Beast” is exec produced by Imagine’s Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Tony Krantz, as well as Leder, Ian Sander, Kim Moses and Kario Salem.


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