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1998 FOX Winter Press Tour for Significant Others & Gia Premiere – New Photos

UPDATE: The photos with Jennifer Garner are from the FOX Winter Press Tour After Party for Significant Others. Liz wore the same dress of the Gia premiere (the events are both from January 1998, so probably are from the same day), and the one with the white dress are from the FOX Winter Press Tour.

Thanks to Randie for the head-up!


Hi guys, since there’s no new Revolution’s episode till January 8, 2014 and probably there will no be so many news about the show, we’re going to update the site with never seen stuff.

FOX Winter Press Tour After Party for Significant Others

elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28129.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28229.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28329.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28429.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28129.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28229.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28329.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28429.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28529.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28629.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28829.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28929.JPG

FOX Winter Press Tour for Significant Others

Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28229.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28329.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28429.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28529.JPG

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