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ABC’s Schedule | 13th Dec 2010 to 9th Jan 2011

Happy Liz Holiday on ABC this year! Take a look:

ABC – Primetime Schedule – 13th Dec 2010 to 9th Jan 2011

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Netscape’s Interview: Elizabeth about her family


Up Close With Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Mrs. Claus to Tim Allen in the last two installments of “The Santa Clause” films, is more than ready to jump into that role again. But then, she points out, “I’d work with Tim any time. He’s a joy.”

She adds, “If I don’t like someone, I keep my distance — it’s easier than having them around. When you have a child, you get a little more straight thinking.”

Elizabeth and husband Chris Soldevilla are the parents of Christopher Joseph — C.J. — born Septemer 4, 2004.

Mitchell, who plays fertility doctor Juliet on ABC’s “Lost” and FBI agent Erica Evans on the network’s “V,” says that the most important job to her is spending free time at the retreat she and her husband call home in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Chris, who is an actor, is cururently spending much of his time, says Elizabeth, “teaching improv to high school kids where we live. He’s marvelous, incredibly impressive. He’s much quicker then I am, so I have to be on my toes.”

When Chris has an acting assignment, he and his wife juggle work gigs, “so one of us is always with our son,” she says.

Source: Netscape

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