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Top 25 Highest-Grossing Christmas Movies

emfc-santa-clause-2-elizabeth-mitchell_01392.jpgDid you know that Santa Clause 2 and 3 are among the Top 25 Highest-Grossing Christmas Movies?

Santa Clause 2

Domestic Total Gross: $139,236,327

Opening Weekend: $29,008,696

Santa Clause 3

Domestic Total Gross: $84,500,122

Opening Weekend: $19,504,038

They should seriously think about making another Santa Clause movie with Liz. How awesome would it be? <3

Source: IMDB

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Santa Clause 2 - Santa Clause 3

Santa Clause 2 | HD Clips

Hey guys, we realized that we had some very bad quality videos of the first stuff we uploaded into the archive when we created the site, so we’re replacing the clips with new ones, starting with Santa Clause 2. :).

You can use them to make music videos and gifs! 😀

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Santa Clause 2 - Video

Santa Clause 2 Stills + Old Interview With Director About Liz

We found these never before seen stills from Santa Clause 2.:D

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Carol_Newman_Santa_Clause_2_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Carol_Newman_Santa_Clause_2_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Carol_Newman_Santa_Clause_2_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Carol_Newman_Santa_Clause_2_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Carol_Newman_Santa_Clause_2_28529.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Carol_Newman_Santa_Clause_2_28629.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Carol_Newman_Santa_Clause_2_28729.jpg

Do you know that Elizabeth is currently filming Welcome To Pine Grove!, a movie with the same director of Santa Clause 2 & 3?

We want to share something nice Michael Lembeck said in an old interview (Worcester Telegram & Gazette) that maybe you don’t know or you don’t remember:

”The list (of the actresses for the role) was very impressive. But as soon as I met (Mitchell), I knew.  Disney pounded on me to hire someone else,” Lembeck said. The studio was apparently looking for a bigger ”name.” Lembeck remained adamant, and was supported by Allen.
Later, the executives saw the merits of Mitchell in the role.
”They were men enough to say ‘We were very wrong about this,’ ” said Allen.

Now Elizabeth is a big name, her career has kept growing as her talent, but her heart has never changed. We are so proud of her! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell - Never Too Late - Projects - Santa Clause 2