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Wayne Kramer (Running Scared’s Director) About Liz

emfc_runningscared_0000000001612.jpgThis is an interview Wayne Kramer (Running Scared‘s director) did yesterday in which he said very nice things about Elizabeth. 😀

Bruce Altman and Elizabeth Mitchell as Dez and Edele were also cast fairly late in the process. The initial idea was to re-team Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern from Blue Velvet and have them play Dez and Edele. Kyle was open to it, but Laura wasn’t, so Kyle didn’t want to do it without her.

I still think it would have been a fun approach, but I couldn’t be happier with what Bruce and Elizabeth brought to these fucked-up characters.

I have such enormous respect for both of them taking on the roles, because nobody—and I mean nobody—in Hollywood wants to play pedophiles. They were both amazing and creepy and very thoughtful in their approach.

Elizabeth told me that she wanted to play Edele by never actually touching any of the children on-screen (which was actually creepier) and I was okay with that.

I told them they were essentially playing alien beings inside human bodies and they should appear stiff and awkward as if they were being controlled by these aliens from inside.

Elizabeth even had little plastic surgery scars applied to the back of her ears (which you can’t see on-screen), because she felt that Edele had had a facelift, which would also account for the stiffness of her facial movements. Bruce had never been squibbed before and was having anxiety over being shot on-screen. When he cries out, that is real panic on his part from having the squibs explode.

They were both a pleasure to work with and I’ll always be grateful for their courage as actors in taking on the roles.

After the “read more button” you can read the part about the scene with Edele.

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Exclusive: Elizabeth Mitchell Talks Answers To Nothing

Elizabeth Mitchell is the sort of actress whose statuesque beauty (she’s 5’9?) has allowed her to be cast both by and against type. She made out with Angelina Jolie in the HBO movie “Gia,” made a much more unsettling impression in Wayne Kramer’s creepy “Running Scared,” and then enjoyed a healthy run as Juliet Burke on the small screen smash hit “Lost.” She’s now moved on to “V,” and is also part of the ensemble cast of writer-director Matthew Leutwyler’s “Answers To Nothing,” in which she plays a woman trying to get pregnant with a husband (Dane Cook) that she doesn’t know is cheating on her. ShockYa recently had a chance to chat with Mitchell, one-on-one and in person, about the film (which is in theaters and also currently available on VOD), her necessarily quick connection with costar Julie Benz, life in small town Washington and more. The conversation is excerpted below:

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Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell – Answers To Nothing

answers_to_nothing_mq_stills_elizabeth_mitchell_28229.jpgElizabeth Mitchell Shares Her Answers to Nothing

by Laurel Dammann | Published December 1, 2011

From playing supermodel Gia Carangi’s (Angelina Jolie) lover in Gia to her role as Juliet Burke in TV’s “Lost,” Elizabeth Mitchell has shown her talent and range as a dramatic actress. For Mitchell, the drives and desires of characters have always held a strong pull and served as the driving forces behind her preferred cinematic landscape. It was this passion that drew her to the complexities of her newest film, Answers to Nothing, directed and co-written by Matthew Leutwyler. The film, set against the backdrop of a child abduction case in Los Angeles, uses intertwining characters arcs to explore the best and worst of its diverse range of characters. In it, Mitchell plays Kate, whose single-minded determination to conceive keeps her from addressing the infidelity of her husband—played by Dane Cook, who has left his comedic chops for the moment to tackle a more tragic role.

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DVD Review | V: The Complete First Season

Elizabeth Mitchell leads the ensemble as Erica Evans, and I’m glad to see her here. She’s been out there in mostly supporting roles for quite awhile, and I first took real notice of her in her villainous part in the movie “Running Scared” and then when she came to Lost, she certainly added quite a bit to the show’s mystique. Here she gets to run the lead as an FBI Agent, mother and resistance leader all rolled into one. She looks terrific and she’s got the proper authority to carry this part.

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