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New Fan Photos of Elizabeth – Nice Mentions – New Interview Soon – USO Trip New Photo

Hello again!

Liz was spotted in Seattle last Sunday (I think) and someone posted a photo of her on Revolution official page. The second photo is from Seattle as well, but it’s from September 1. She is always so nice and her smile is the sweetest! People who met her have only lovely things to say about her. Well how could it be any different?! She has a kind soul. Who says otherwise is totally lying because of craziness or envy. 😛

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Seattle_Airport_October_27.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_fanphoto_september.jpg

Stephen Collins (Rachel’s father) answered to a fan about how it is working with Elizabeth and he said this:

Intense, funny, surprising, safe.


The person of the first pic posted this message about Liz:

Wendy Hinand: Met Elizabeth Mitchell tonight (Rachel Matheson) What a sweetheart! She so patiently posed for this picture with me.


We also found some nice comments online of people who met her recently on Revolution set.

Andrea Frost Moynihan: Looking forward to seeing my daughter in the Halloween scenes tonight! Elizabeth Mitchell was so sweet to the kids in the scene she did with them at the Martindale location, coming over to talk to them afterward, thanking them for being there and telling them that they had done a great job. She is truly a class act!

Stan Taylor: One time walked up to me and smiled and said “hi” I was totally speechless.

Larry Quisenberry: I am an extra in the show and get to work with her and she is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. As sweet and down to earth as they come.

Carlos Compean:I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Mitchell on the set of Revolution. She was GREAT! Thanks for being so friendly.

Talking about sweetness, Shirley Li from Enteretainment Weekly just interviewed Liz via phone and posted this message on twitter:

Just got off the phone with Elizabeth Mitchell from #Revolution (and #LOST, eek!). Hands down sweetest person ever. That’s all. #fangirling

— Shirley Li (@shirklesxp) October 29, 2013

So we’ll get a new interview soon! <3

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Revolution Season 2 premieres tonight

Elizabeth Mitchell Revolution Season 2 posterRevolution Season 2 premieres tonight at 8/7c on NBC meaning Elizabeth is finally back on tv! Are you excited?  Liz’s performances are always so impeccable and Rachel is such a complex woman. I can’t wait to see what she is doing with her!

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Interview with Elizabeth on Revolution Season 2 set [video]

Hello everyone, there is a new video interview with Elizabeth on Revolution Season 2 set, where she is illegally gorgeous btw. Enjoy! 🙂

 Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

Thanks so much Mayra for the video!


We pick up exactly where we left off and then we do a jump to 3 months in the future. And it’s kind of great because all kinds of things have happened that will unveil themselves. And there are… everything went wrong, everything bad that could have happened, happened. And my character, Rachel, she is off a deep end, she’s just gone, she lost it. She broke, like that.

Rachel has a nervous break down and she does.. she just has a complete and total break and Miles brings her to her father, who’s here.

Rachel’s father is the town doctor, town physician, and a very powerful member of the town but also a healer and all he’s been trying to do when we meet him is nurse her back to health.

I think it’s incredibly entertaining and I think it’s… it’s good television.

It comes back to family, it comes back to relationships, it comes back to how complicated they are, how fraught but also how warm they are. I remember in every like great action thriller that I like that I’ve loved to watch it always had that sense of warm.

It is it is the same classic drama and an adventure in life-and-death situations.

Even, even more so.. they.. It’s, it’s, it’s like they’ve had a chance to play and do exactly what they want and that’s what they’re doing and I have always loved that, that’s always my favourite thing to watch.

2x01 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Video