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3 Photos of Elizabeth on the set

Hi, we have 3 never seen photos of Elizabeth on the set to share. They are from various episodes. Enjoy and have a great Saturday! 🙂


  1. 2×03 Set – photo credits: @saracamelo_ + @charliewarriorprincess on instagram
  2. 2×13 Set (photo from November) – if you know the source, please contact us – Thanks Dav67 for sending this to us!
  3. 2×09 Set – photo credits: Courtney

2x03 - 2x09 - 2x13 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set

New Video Interview with Elizabeth

UPDATE: New interview added. ***

This is another video interview Liz did last week. Choosing a cap for the videos among her 3429042 facial expressions is so hard! LOL ! She’s the best <3

elizabeth mitchell


REVOLUTION’s Rachel spent much of her early time on the series having her scientific knowledge held against her — and, occasionally, using it to get out of sticky situations — but this season has found her more disconnected with the science-based storylines.

But given Aaron’s increasingly dangerous journey into discovering what the Nanites are (and what they can do), will Rachel be gravitating back to that arena? REVOLUTION star Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel) sat down with reporters on the show’s Austin set to tease what she knows…

Source: givememyremote


Miles, who has assumed the role of patriarch and leader of the group, is being pulled from many sides, most notably Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Monroe (David Lyons)— “the angel and devil” over his shoulder, as Mitchell put it.

“She’s started to regain a conscience,” says Mitchell of her Rachel Matheson. “And to regain who she was [before the blackout], the values that she had, the morality that she had, and she’s stopped reacting like a cornered animal.”

The relationship between these characters is so entrenched and complicated that neither Miles nor Rachel find themselves able to kill Monroe, despite the latter’s culpability in their own family members’ deaths. So their alliance with Monroe comes with more than its share of resentment. Yet their bond is strong enough to make them go the extra mile  and actually protect Monroe from enemies like Neville (Giancarlo Esposito). This puts Monroe in a powerful, albeit passive, position. How he responds will prove if he really can—and even wants to—be redeemed.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Spoilers - Video

2 New Video Interviews with Elizabeth

UPDATE 1: report and transcription by Ksite added***

Hi all, 2 new video interviews with Elizabeth have been released on youtube. They are in a better quality than the first one we got and the TV Addict interview is even longer. She’s precious! <3

elizabeth mitchell interviews elizabeth mitchell interviews

Source: TV Addict + Ksite

*** Ksite posted their report and the transcription of their video:

The next new episode of Revolution airs on Wednesday night, February 26, and continuing our run of interviews from the show’s Texas filming location, we now share some words from Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel) about her character’s current mindset.

We should have more from Mitchell that we can share after Wednesday night’s new episode, as a bit of what she discussed was spoilery. Here’s some video of what we can share so far, including some talk about the relationship between Rachel and Miles:

You know, it’s an interesting thing, her mindset,” she told us. “I think this season has been a challenge for me, because I was curious about the same thing: where is her mindset? I think what’s happened is, she started to regain a conscience, and she started to regain who she was. She’s stopped reacting like a cornered animal, and she’s started trying to be a human being again, along the lines of the way she was, the values that she had, and the morality that she had. Given the people that she plays with, this is very difficult, and she’s not very popular, and she continues to not be very popular, but I do feel like we’re seeing a re-emergence of the Rachel before everything, and it’s nice. There’s a little bit of strength there, and as we keep going in there, it gets stronger, even though her words aren’t popular. It goes forward along those lines.

Read more…

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Video

2012 Never Seen Set Photo of Liz

Hello! I’ve just found a pic of Liz from September 2012 working on episode 1×07. The person who posted it also wrote these nice words about Elizabeth:

liz elizabeth mitchell9/23/2012

Worked on NBC’s Revolution recently and here’s a behind-the-scenes shot.
I was a huge fan of the show Lost so it was really cool to be working alongside Elizabeth Mitchell (you can see her in the background of the picture below).
She was very friendly and it was a cool experience.

Source: invisibleproductions

1x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Rachel Matheson - Reviews - Revolution - Set

New photos of Elizabeth on set

Elizabeth is doing some interviews on set today and the reporters posted pics of her on twitter. Doesn’t she look shining?! Very beautiful! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell

Rachel’s wants to do the right thing but sometimes it gets lost along the way. For example, her daughter, Charlie, has evolved into the tough warrior and Rachel feels she’s failed her in a way. Speaking as Rachel, “I made this huge series of well-intentioned mistakes,” Mitchell illustrated. “How do I make this better? How do I become a mother? A guide?” I’m, eager to see if mother-daughter can create a bond.

Source: Lisa on Tv + Join The Gossip + Tv Addict + Marisa Roffman

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos - Revolution - Set

Just a little mention

Revolution wrapped up episode 2×15 on January 17 and there is a small article about it in Taylor Daily Press (a local newspaper).
This is the part about Lix:

Fans and bystanders stayed in the cold temperatures watched as the film crew set up various points of view and prepared for explosions and lighting effects.

Those who were willing to stay a little longer than others had the pleasure of meeting Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell and Zac Orth.

While having her microphone put on, Mitchell thanked the people watching and advised them to stay warm. Orth also said hello and greeted the fans prior to filming.

Explosions and cars set on fire filled the night with excitement for the cast, crew and anyone who stayed up to watch.

Isn’t she adorable? <3

Thanks so much Sammi for the head-up!

2x15 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Revolution - Set