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[Video] Interview with Elizabeth – 3 Episodes left before the break

So finally Elizabeth had some scenes on Revolution 🙂 And gosh, wasn’t she awesome?! She can make everything better. Her performance was just impeccable. What a waste not having at least this amount of scenes with her every week.
Here are some Elizabeth’s thoughts about her character:

Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell


They included her scenes and an interview with her in “Revolution revealed” this week. We uploaded just the part regarding her.

What’s your favorite scenes from the episode? What do you think of Rachel? Do you still think she is on the right side? I think she is in an horrible position and has no choice, it’s about her son’s life. Every mother would do anything to protect her own children.

Again no trailer with Liz this week and not a single photo on the official site. I was really in the hope to see something there for this episode. Whatever!

Oh they will air just 3 more episodes before the 4-months break and the series will be back on March 25.

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1x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Eric Kripke - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Video

REVOLUTION 4 months break – 1×06 Ratings – Set Photo (update)

UPDATE 2: Final Ratings: 7,9 million, A18-49:  3.0 (this could be related to Hurricane Sandy)
NBC will air the episode again on Friday at 8/9.

UPDATE (Oct. 31): I forgot to post this  photo tweetted by Tim Guinee. You can see Liz reflected on the camera with her hands on her head.

Keeping Elizabeth Mitchell’s eyeline close to camera: holding half of the camera.


Hey guys there’ll be a huge break from November (let’s hope it’s the end of the month) till March 25 2013.

NBC today announced changes to its 2013 primetime mid-season schedule:

“Revolution” — the season’s only bona fide new hit series — will return and follow “The Voice” on March 25 (10-11 p.m. ET) when it concludes its current fall broadcast dates in November.

Source: NBC

Ratings (a bit down from last week but always 18-49 leader): 1×06 gained 8.39 million, A18-49:  3.1

1x06 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Rating - Revolution - Set

REVOLUTION 1×02: Photo of Elizabeth with Tim Guinee and the kids

UPDATE 6: (Sept 15) the_door confirmed that all the photos are from July.
UPDATE 5: (Sept 8):
I’ve just added a small article by EW that might contain spoilers about Rachel.
UPDATE 4 (Sept 8):
Another update 😛 @the_door posted a new picture from the set. You can see just Liz’s arm in it with the kids… LOL! Stacy Ownbey, Morgan Hinkleman’s mother, posted a photo from EW’s issue.

 REVOLUTION SET: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morgan Hinkleman (Young Charlie) and Cameron Morrison (Young Danny) REVOLUTION ew scan: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morgan Hinkleman (Young Charlie) and Cameron Morrison (Young Danny)

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1x02 - Elizabeth Mitchell - J.J. Abrams - Photos - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Spoilers - Video