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12 TV Shows That Should’ve Been One and Done: Revolution

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_05.JPGWe are posting this only because of the line about Rachel and Miles. Even though the chemistry between Elizabeth and David Lyons was what we liked the most, the story between Rachel and Miles was the best. And since they added one of our fav shows (Revenge) in the list, TVLine is totally wrong!

If only Kripke didn’t create those stupid comic books to ruin the show and the relationship between Rachel and Miles… and where they also killed Rachel. They made so many mistakes in that show, but the comic books were horrible.

The NBC drama spent Season 1 telling us how important the tower and the pendants were to the survival of a post-catastrophe, electricity-lacking society… then ditched that idea for a Season 2 where ersatz government officials and autonomous nanites (!) ran the show. Not even the sparks between Miles and Rachel were enough to keep the show’s lights on.


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Every J.J. Abrams TV Show Ranked

We found this article about JJ Abrams’ shows. Obviously Lost is number one. Revolution is ten.

3x09 Stranger In A Strange Land Elizabeth Mitchell (3).jpg1. ‘Lost’ (2004 – 2010)
“Lost” definitely had some bad seasons, and people still want to flip tables over the series finale, but when it was good, it was SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

We love the line about Liz.

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_1x17_official_cap_4.jpg10. ‘Revolution’ (2012-2014)
A show you want to like more because of Elizabeth Mitchell, but you just can’t really get there. We get it, post-apocalyptic worlds were all the rage. But this just wasn’t about one we needed to see.

Source: msn

We love that people might not like a show, but they really like Elizabeth anyway. That says a lot about her talent! <3

You can’t help but always appreciate her performances. She makes you love all the characters she gives life to with such a profund intensity that when a show ends, you keep thinking about those women she has created and those will forever be a gift! Beautiful!

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TV’s Most Stunning Makeup-Free Leading Ladies

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x22_04.JPGE! wrote an article about the tv’s most stunning makeup-free leading ladies. Elizabeth obviously made into the list of 11 actresses who are beautiful even without makeup. The piece is from 2014 when Revolution was on air, but we’ve just found it so… 😛

In a world obsessed with beauty and finding out what celebrities look like when they don’t feel like slathering extra beauty on their faces, it’s always a treat to find a TV actress who appears on our screens every week without a stitch of (noticeable) make-up on.

We’ve rounded up some of TV’s brightest, barest, and beautiful-est faces to bring you a gallery of people you should totally ask next time you have a skin care question, because they seem to have all of the answers (and they’re all so very accessible). 

Elizabeth Mitchell, Revolution: You don’t need electricity for beautiful skin.


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EW: “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”: V and Revolution

V and Revolution made into EW top list of 25 “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”.


The alien occupation drama lasted two seasons before getting axed. In its series finale, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) manages to escape the release of the Bliss, the Visitor Queen Anna’s (Morena Baccarin) special telepathic ability to mind-control the masses, only to leave the bunker at the end of the episode to find that everyone above ground has been pacified, and that more alien motherships are on their way. Like The Event, V ended with a promise of an epic war between the underground humans and the Visitors, but that never made it to the screen. —Shirley Li

Cancelling V was actually a crime. Still not over it! Just imagine how amazing Elizabeth could have been when Erica found out about her son’s death. They stole that performance from us! So glad there’s a woman as president on ABC now and the one who axed V is no longer there.


Although NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama waned in viewership and quality during its second season, that doesn’t make Revolution‘s lingering cliffhangers any less painful. The nanotech that had been responsible for leaving the world without power was slowly taking over and causing people to see visions of their loved ones telling them to travel to Bradbury, Idaho. The finale ended with a shot of Bradbury, Idaho seeing power restored and crowds of people walking toward the light. (True, a 4-part comic was released this summer to give some conclusion, but it’s not quite the same as a season 3.) —Dalene Rovenstine

The comics were horrible. They killed Rachel and Miles had a child with another woman. Unacceptable! Rachel deseved better, but writers never understood that.  The cliffhanger was so much better.

Anyway Erica and Rachel were both terrific. Liz always chooses to play amazing roles and converts them into the most incredibly unique women. We are so proud of her!

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Elizabeth Mitchell shines in riveting ‘Revolution’

Hello everyone, I just came across this amazing review about Elizabeth and Revolution.  It’s worth reading, amazing and so true! 🙂

“Revolution” has the super scientist action hero Rachel Matheson played by Elizabeth Mitchell.
One of the weaknesses of “Revolution” during the first half of season one was the criminal underuse of the effervescent Elizabeth Mitchell and her head strong character. Once the producers and writers realized this and brought her into the forefront of the action, the “Lost” protégé began to find its focus.

Elizabeth Mitchell is a pleasure to watch. She owns the screen every time she is on it. The luminous actress brings a quiet, but fiery intensity to her brooding character. As season two begins to unfold, Mitchell’s Rachel Matheson is the truly the key to unlocking the secrets of the pre-power failure past, as well as a spark of hope for a post-dystopian future.  Every event, every character connects back to her.

For the full article click on read more:

Read more…

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Please don’t make me watch a character played by Elizabeth Mitchell die again (Review)

This is very nice review about Elizabeth. After LOST I really can’t watch another Elizabeth’s character die, I still have to get over Juliet’s death and I think I never will.

Please don’t make me watch a character played by Elizabeth Mitchell die again.
It happened in heartbreaking fashion on Lost. And now it could happen on Revolution, which airs Mondays on NBC and City. It’s true that apocalyptic stories always start better than they end. Literally, right?
But the fact that there are only two episodes left in the debut season, and I still care what happens to Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, speaks well for Revolution, I believe.
Anyway, this brings us back to Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, Rachel Matheson (Charlie’s mom).
If you watched the most recent episode, you know that Rachel has had it with Monroe, to the point that she’s willing to give up her own life to kill him.
Do I have to go through this again? I’m still along for the ride, as long as Revolution doesn’t get Lost.

Source: Toronto Sun

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Revolution 1×17 Reviews – 1×20 Press Release

UPDATE: Just updated the reviews page

Props to Elizabeth Mitchell for making me wince in pain with her.
There were several immediate problems, such as the drone strike, finding Charlie, etc. mixed in with the more interesting arc following Rachel and Aaron. I’d really like an episode with just them. Actually, just Rachel. She could fill an hour time slot with her twisted antics all on her own.
And how many of you (show of hands) think Rachel is pretty much the biggest badass on television right now? MORE

REVOLUTION 1×20 “THE DARK TOWER” – Press Release

This is the press release of the last episode of the season. It contains spoilers. [ SPOILER ALERT ]

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WonderCon Schedule – TCA Video – New Revolution Still, Interview and more

TCA 2013 Red Carpet Video Interview with Elizabeth


Interview with Elizabeth by Entertainment Weekly and scan with a new photo of Rachel

She talks about Rachel and Miles. The scan contains a new still of Rachel from an upcoming episode.

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel MathesonQUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED!
Yes, we will learn why the power went out. (In the April 8 episode, to be precise.) But almost better than that is the juicy intel about the long-simmering history between Rachel and Miles, which will come to light toward the end of the season and reveal what events left them on less-than-friendly terms. Here’s a question worth asking: Is the pair’s past romantic, as fans have theorized? “That’s probably an excellent direction to go in,” Mitchell teases. “[But] there’s a deep connection between the two of them, and it’s not all romantic.”

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