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Interview with Elizabeth – Transcription

This is a transcription of the interview Liz made on the set last February. 🙂

Elizabeth MitchellRachel’s Journey. “ It’s an interesting thing, her mindset,” Mitchelle said. “Because I think it’s this season has been a challenge for me because I was curious about the same thing: where is her mindset? And I think that what’s happened is she started to regain a conscience and she started to regain who she was and she’s stopped reacting like a cornered animal and is starting to try and be a human being again. Along the lines of the way that she was, the values that she had, the morality that she had. Given the people that she plays with, this is very difficult and she’s not very popular and she continues to not be very popular. But I do feel like we’re seeing a reemergence of kind of the Rachel before everything and it’s nice.” In addition to rediscovering her inner morality, Mitchell said that Rachel will go back to being “a genius” and will show her mental strength a bit more again.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Spoilers

3 Photos of Elizabeth on the set

Hi, we have 3 never seen photos of Elizabeth on the set to share. They are from various episodes. Enjoy and have a great Saturday! 🙂


  1. 2×03 Set – photo credits: @saracamelo_ + @charliewarriorprincess on instagram
  2. 2×13 Set (photo from November) – if you know the source, please contact us – Thanks Dav67 for sending this to us!
  3. 2×09 Set – photo credits: Courtney

2x03 - 2x09 - 2x13 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set

2 More Interviews with Elizabeth

Different versions (different angles) of the spoilering interview posted yesterday. The first one is a little longer. 🙂

elizabeth mitchell interview elizabeth mitchell interview

Rachel is “who she hoped to be.” Mitchell is excited about Elizabeth’s relationship with Monroe during the episode. The characters are different than who they are in the post-blackout future. They cracked up on set, especially watching David Lyons play this alternative version of Monroe. Mitchell describes the fun they had filming the episode. It’s not all fun though. She says, there is “malicious underlying” to what happens.

2x15 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Spoilers - Video